Red Carpet Interviews from Vh1 Honors

Red Carpet Interviews From VH1 Honors 2010

Parlé was front and center on the red carpet as VH1 taped this year’s 2010 Hip Hop Honors “Dirty South” edition. The guests of Southern royalty ranged from Master P to Rick Ross up to the King of the south himself, T.I. and everyone in between. The list of who’s who covered the event as cameramen & writers alike screamed for just a quick smile and brief interview as the artists tried to hurry indoors. Luckily, Parlé was able to cop some updates on some of the red carpet’s special guests. Here’s some clips of our red carpet interviews from VH1 Honors 2010…

Kid Capri
I’m here with Kid Capri. What are you working on right now?
Kid Capri: The Whole World Is Behind David Love, that’s my new album.

okay, when is it dropping?
Kid Capri: I’m working on it now. I got a new single out called “Turn it Out”. I just shot the video to it.

Parlé: Okay, we’ll be looking out for it.


Jim Beanz
I’m here with Jim Beanz songwriter and producer. Who are you currently working with?
Jim: I’m working with Flo-Rida, Rihanna with Timbaland, I’m also working with Brandy and JoJo.

Who have you worked with in the past?
Jim: I’m behind the scenes. I started off with Tim six years ago. That was around Nelly Furtado’s “Loose” album and since then I’ve been with him all the way down. So from Nelly Furtado to Jennifer Hudson, Katy Perry’s “Starstrukk” her latest single I actually produced that and wrote it with Tim. I’ve done a lot of stuff I’m just more behind the scenes.

Parlé: How can your fans or our readers follow your career?
Jim: They can hit me up on Twitter. It is @BEANZbeanzBEANZ“.

Okay Thanks!
Jim: Thank you very much.


Bone Crusher
I’m here with Bone Crusher. Do you have an album coming out any time soon?
Bone Crusher: Yes, I got an album coming out August 23rd it’s called Crush Is His Name,  first single called “This is it”. I got productions from Dr. Dre, Lil Jon, and few other people. We’re just having fun.

Okay.  I see you’re limping, what happened to your leg?
Bone Crusher: I messed up in Germany. I jumped off the stage.

Bone Crusher: Indeed, I leave it all on the stage. Really, I left it on the ground when I jumped off, but it’s wonderful.

When did that happen?
Bone Crusher: Last year

Damn, get well!
Bone Crusher: No, I won’t. Cause I’m going to do it tonight. You going to say this fool is crazy.

I would like to see that.
Bone Crusher: You going to see it.

Interviews from Vh1 Honors
Eddie Griffin

Eddie Griffin
I’m here with Eddie Griffin. Are you doing your show next season?
Eddie: I don’t know yet babe.

Why, it was entertaining with you and your mother?
Eddie: It is 14 hours of following me and my mama around with a camera. You understand me.

Yes and your girlfriends. Side note: Should you be smoking on the red carpet?
Eddie: Why shouldn’t I? I’m a free man. You let me know when we in the Soviet Union cause you know I don’t give a good God damn.

(Laughs) I know you don’t. Who are you dating now?
Eddie: None of your God damn business

Are you with any of your baby mamas?
Eddie: I’m with all of them.  We are attached at the hip for life because we have children together and I want any other brother out there to understand that. It aint about your ass no more it’s about them kids. So we can drop our little relationship problems and be adults about the situation and make sure them kids got a proper upbringing. That’s where it’s at.


Ying Yang Twins
I’m here with the Ying Yang Twins. They have a new album coming out June 22nd called Gumbo the first single is “Make Em Holla”. Can I ask you a question?
Ying Yang Twins: Yes, darling.

Have you been drinking tonight?
Ying Yang Twins: No!

What she say?

She asked if we’ve been drinking.

No, we ain’t been drinking. I’ve been drinking Coca-cola. This is what we try to get across to people we drink Crunk Juice. This is how we are. This the “A”, welcome to my city. It’s enough of ya’ll where ya’ll don’t want to fuck with each other like that, down there it ain’t all that big like that.

She’s like oh my God quit yelling

(laughs) Yes, I’m saying please stop yelling.
Ying Yang Twins: I know it and that’s why I’m going to keep on doing it. You gonna remember me. When you leave here you gonna remember me.

Interviews from Vh1 Honors
Mr. Mixx of the 2 Live Crew

Mr. Mixx
I’m with Mr. Mixx from the “2 Live Crew”. How does it feel to be honored tonight?
Mr. Mixx: It is overwhelming that they would let Southern rappers get the accolades we deserve. You know it is a New York thing a lot of time they wouldn’t really hate, but they just didn’t understand. Now it actually went down and people from the North can see what the big raucous is about. It’s a great thing that VH1 is letting it out.

Are you guys ever going to reunite?
Mr. Mixx: I don’t know. They say when pigs fly, but I think we might be able to do something.

Alright, congratulations.
Mr. Mixx: Thank you.


Interviews from Vh1 Honors

Hey Juvy are you working on a new album?
Juvenile: Yes, Beast Mode.

When is it due?
Juvenile: July 6th. I might move it back cause I’m getting these features right now.


Written by Shanique Byrd
Images by Christian Ortiz for Parlé Magazine


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