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Author April Walker Helps You Catch The Dog In Your Life

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Our Conversation with Author April Walker

More Than One Way To Skin a Dog has grown into a movement. Did you think it would be this big?
April Walker: I knew it would be a big movement because of the concept, but I didn’t know the response would be this great. I know what I felt in my heart and my mind. The play is not even the final goal; I want to see it on the big screen.


Parlé:  So in the process of writing the book we’re you going off on experiences of yourself and others?
April Walker: The book was 80 percent complete before I incorporated my own experiences. As a behavior specialist and psychologist, I was always the go-to person for advice. I was used to hearing other people’s stories about love, heartbreaks and relationships.


Parlé: Would this be categorized as self-help for women or can both sexes learn something?
April Walker: It helps men and women. In the book I’m getting on the men and the women as well. I call out the women who allow men to do whatever they want, the women who are with the cheaters and the women who complain but take no action.


Parlé: Some men may look at it as just another book that bitter women approve of, what do you have to say about that?
April Walker: It’s not true; I help people make better choices and decisions. I love men and I don’t believe that all men cheat. All men are not dogs but there are some dogs out there.


Parlé: As a behavior specialist, would you say men of one kind emit the same characteristics?
April Walker: In the book there are five different types of dogs in the book. Men are categorized by their animal counterpart. The characteristics are made up by their personality, how they cheat and how others view them.


Parlé: Why are you the dog catcher?
April Walker: With the book, I’m teaching woman how to catch the dog, the man that is cheating; I give them every technique possible.


Parlé: What gave you the inspiration to turn the book into a play?
April Walker: I was approached by a popular playwright and he thought that it would be a great idea for a play and my mind started to go in that direction.


Parlé: I’m thinking the process isn’t easy.
April Walker: Everything is a process; it’s not whether it’s easy or hard. Some processes are slow and some are faster, but they’re worth exploring.


Parlé: What should the audience expect?
April Walker: The audience can expect drama and lots of it. They can also expect humor, their choices and decisions to come to the forefront and to be challenged at raising the bar in their personal lives.


Parlé: What can your readers expect from you?
April Walker: The skin ‘em, get ‘em and love ‘em series is what my readers can expect. I’m going to take the reader everywhere I’ve been. From skinning the man to getting the man and loving them.



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