Your Holiday Week in Review

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We here at Parlé Magazine hope that you had a wonderful Christmas or enjoyed whichever other holiday you may celebrate! But with all the festivities, it’s easy to miss some of the week’s big newsmakers. Don’t worry. Parlé’s got your back! Here’s what went down while you were trying to find the best deals on those last minute presents you almost forgot. We’re guessing our gifts just got lost in the mail…right? Here’s your Week in Review:

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A couple on Fox’s new game show Million Dollar Money Drop has been invited back onto the program after losing $800,000 on the show after guessing the correct answer. Gabe Okoye and Brittany Mayti bet the small fortune on the question,  “Which product was sold in stores first, the Macintosh computer, the Post-It Note or the Sony Walkman?”  The couple correctly guessed the Post-It Note, but was told however that the correct answer was the Sony Walkman.

However, thanks to the tireless Internet research of game show enthusiasts across the country, including Okoye himself, the couple was proven to be correct in their Post-It answer. Undoubtedly embarrassed, Fox has invited the couple back to the show to compete once again, however, it is unclear if they will get to start off with the $800,000 they had on their initial appearance.  Okoye and Mayti have yet to accept or reject the invitation.



Rap icon Nas was in the giving mood this Christmas and helped feed New York residents afflicted with HIV/AIDS on Wednesday. The Queens rapper was happy to be part of the event, sponsored by music industry professional/activist Maria Davis, who is also HIV positive. When speaking with MTV, Nas wasn’t bashful about his reasons for helping with the cause:


“I think when you give back, you just do your thing. You come from a neighborhood like I came from and you just do your thing, that’s all you gotta do [to inspire]. ‘Cause every kid that sees you doing your thing, you can’t even imagine what you’re doing for that kid or that grown up. They see you doing your thing, that’s inspiration. There’s kids that went to school with me who are grown men now. There’s dudes that’s been listening to my music for a long time and the more they see me continue, that’s enough. That’s all they need to say ‘Yo, I could do it.”

Nas also spoke to MTV about his feelings on the HIV/AIDS epidemic:


“The thing about AIDS is you start to raise your eyebrow at how it affects certain communities. [The] homosexual community [and] African-American community was really the first [to report cases of HIV infection], right, so, kinda, those two communities got blamed for it — even almost like they invented it. That’s not the truth. So it’s affected everybody now, every community. It makes you want to learn about it. When Eazy-E caught it … and my man Magic Johnson, it touched us. But then we waiting, like, to see what’s next [and] that’s not cool. So my whole thing is to learn more about it.’”



We all know the jokes and stereotypes about Blacks and Hispanics having lower credit scores when compared to their White counterparts. What’s not so funny is the truth that the stereotype is rooted in: Blacks and Hispanics really do have lower credit scores, on average, than Whites. The practice of employers using credit checks as part of their hiring process has been bemoaned for years, but now the Federal government is suing an employer, Kaplan Higher Education Corp. for using the practice.

The Feds say that Kaplan’s rejection of job candidates based on unfavorable credit checks has a discriminatory affect on certain ethnic groups, and that the company has no job-related need for the credit checks.  The lawsuit seeks benefits, wages, and employment offers lost by those who failed Kaplan’s pre-employment credit screening. If the Feds win this case, it could set a huge precedent for employers nationwide who use credit checks as part of their hiring standards. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) had previously tried to reach a settlement with Kaplan but was unsuccessful. The lawsuit is filed in Cleveland, OH.



Rapper “The Game” suspects a valet of robbing him of $75,000 and two chains while he was doing some last-minute Christmas shopping for his kids at the Topanga Mall in Canoga Park district of Los Angeles, CA.  Even more disturbing is Game’s accusation of being patted down and searched by the police as if he was the culprit and not the victim. As what is becoming the norm in modern communication, Game tweeted during the experience:


“So, heres my day: tried 2 do last minute shoppin 4 da kids & valet stole a Louis Duffle out @avanterose’s car & we 2 chains & $75,000 short,” he tweeted. So police come & guess who get patted down? Yea, US !!! then they tell us da palmtree was blocking the crime scene on the tape.”

The Game went on to further comment on his distaste for how the investigation was being handled:


“Then after 4 hrs of no answers we drivin off & da most racist of all da cops gone say: ‘Thats a sweet ride man’. WHAT ?!? B!tch, investigate.”

Hopefully, the culprits are apprehended for the crime. But um…why was The Game rolling around town with $75,000 cash anyway? Maybe that’s the difference between the rich and the wealthy: The rich carry cash while the wealthy use plastic. Do you think Jay-Z is walking around with 75 stacks sitting in his car? Doubtful.


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