New Boyz Too Cool To Care album review

Too Cool To Care album
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Thoughts on the New Boyz Too Cool To Care album

Fading away from the jerk sound, the New Boyz, seem to find their swag on the Too Cool To Care album. The album in itself is likable and far better than what many assumed or expected it to be. A mix of Pop and Rap, New Boyz, come up with metaphorical bars and verses directed at a target specific audience. One could say this album is an upgrade from their debut as evidenced by the many guest features including Chris Brown, Big Sean and Tyga.

The first single “Break My Bank,” released mid Summer last year earned them a top ten spot on the Billboard rap chart, while the second single, “Backseat,” is still trending on the charts. With production from Cataracs and Dev, the same producers of “Like A G6,” by Far East Movement, “Backseat,” is the most repeatable song on Too Cool To Care.  A club banger of Dance Rap, Ben J and Legacy find their niche on that one.

“Better with the Lights Off,” another well-played part on the album, will more than likely shake its way to the top of the charts in no time. There are points on the Too Cool To Care album that make the duo sound corny despite the polished image they seek to portray. “Meet My Mom,” should have been discarded from the release as it feels like it should have been offered on a KIDZ BOP album and “Black Dress,” loses its subject matter in an abyss of mismatched audio delivery.

Too Cool To Care is overall decent sounding, offering many hits and should not be penalized for its cheesy missteps.

Too Cool To Care receives a PAR



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