Lil Playy: The Industries Top Execs Believe He Is The Next To Blow

Lil Playy

Lil Playy Is The Next To Blow

Life for many young artists breaking into the music industry can be a 24/7 grind. Working hard to make a name for themselves some starlets never make it far enough to grace the public eye, where as others can make it big in what seems to be an overnight event. For Hip-Hop artist Lil Playy the latter appears to be the case. Recently releasing his first mixtape Tour Bus Muzik and on the way to drop his very first album, Lil’ Playy has already garnered a Grammy nomination and an ASCAP Award in addition to being featured on a few hit albums including Kelly Rowland’s Here I Am.  Wondering how this happen or where he’s come from?  Simply put, he’s been behind the scenes for years cultivating his very own style of music which he call’s Hip-Hop – pop/rock.  Now he’s lined up with some of the best in the business and ready to change the game while growing his fan base with his love of music and Southern swag.

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Parlé Magazine: You’ve already garnered a lot attention at a young age which shows a lot of passion, was your childhood heavily involved in music?
Lil Playy: I mean I just grew up around music, my cousins always played music and a few of them even tried to make their own around the crib and stuff which definitely influenced me. Also listening to local artist in Houston really inspired me to create my own music too.


Parlé:  Were there any particular artist that you looked up to at that age?
Lil Playy: Definitely, Lil Flip, The Zeros, UGK, all of them.


Parlé: Those are some pretty notable Southern rappers, how would you say they influenced your own personal style?
Lil Playy: Umm just the freestyle, they were real big on freestyle rapping back then, no pen, no pad, just rhyming off the top of your head about whatever. I really started out like that just freestyling and eventually I started writing down everything. That’s still how I start every rap, just freestyling to get it started.


Parlé:  So aside from being inspired by artists and hearing music, what really made you pursue a career in music. Why are you so passionate about it?
Lil Playy: Just the fact that people have love for other people’s music, that it can change peoples lives or affect them in the way you may not know it. Like people can have Bar-B-Que’s and party to it, music affects every day life. Without it I don’t know where we would be.


Parlé: Is that the message behind your music, having a good time?
Lil Playy: Basically, just Bar- B –Que –in, having fun summer time feel good music. All real genuine stuff.


Parlé: Speaking on good genuine music, you’re credited with writing the hook to the club banger “My Chick Bad” by Ludacris and Nicki Minaj. That’s impressive, how did you come across that opportunity?
Lil Playy: I was actually in the studio with the Legendary Traxster who actually recorded the beat for it, one day while we were just making a lot of music and “My Chick Bad” was one of them and I laid the chorus down and he chopped it and screwed it but I had to leave the studio. I only did the hook at that time and forgot about the song for like two months until my manger called and told me Ludacris heard the song and he wanted it and I was like “give it to him!” (Laughs)


Parlé: (Laughs) I would have jumped at that chance as well. But I understand he wasn’t the only notable figure you quickly began working with after that. How did you come to hook up with the legendary Suzanne De Passe and super producer Rodney “Dark Child” Jerkins?
Lil Playy: Actually when I moved to Atlanta, around 15 or 16, I started recording and performing in talent shows. There’s a place in Atlanta called The Peacock where I competed and I won like every week I went and eventually met my management team there Madison Jones and Larry Layfield who flew me out to meet Suzanne. I preformed for her in her office and she loved me and introduced me to Rodney Jerkins and after that me and Rodney was making so many records and he took me to Jimmy Iovine who signed me on the spot.


Parlé: Great, those are all some of the biggest names in music I know. How does it feel to be so well received?
Lil Playy: I mean its great, man we went to almost every record label and they put us down. Jimmy was the top one and for him to sign me on the spot it was great.


Parlé: All the hustling must have been paying off, how long have you been at it?
Lil Playy: Shoot, man over seven years.


Parlé: So why so long to before putting out your first mixtape?
Lil Playy:  Umm, I just wanted to wait until I was ready really. I’m ready and now I have 17 original tracks and their crazy with crazy production. It’s really like a free album, I have a Darkchild beat on there… I have a Darkchild beat on there! A Juke box beat, he did “Whip My Hair” for Willow Smith and my single “Birthday Dress” it’s just a lot of great production on it, I love my mixtape.


Parlé:  I can tell by the passion in your voice that you’re excited about it! What kind of music can we expect from the mix-ape as well as the album? What would you classify as your style?
Lil Playy: I would definitely say it’s kind of Rock-Pop. The kind of stuff I’m into. A lot of people going that way though.


Parlé:  With that being said, what do you think is going to separate you from the many new artists flooding the music scene as of late?
Lil Playy:  Just the team I have. I have some real full on legends. Darkchild and Suzanne DePasse you know she worked with Michael Jackson who is the best performer I’ve ever seen so I’ll ask her for ideas. I want to do some crazy performances not just be a regular rapper, you know. And Rodney Jerkins has so many crazy productions and ideas and with my Houston accent and swag when we come together it gets really crazy; it’s just really different.


Parlé:  Sounds like a great combination to me, can’t wait to hear it. Are there any other projects you’re excited about for the near future?
Lil Playy:  I see myself with a few albums out, some movies under my belt because I am reading my first movie script now so I’ll be doing that. I‘ll probably have my hat line out as well yeah, I’ll just be out.


Parlé: (Laughs) just all over the scene. That’s a great goal to have though. Before you go though, is there any advice you’d like to give to someone who was in your situation, trying to make it onto a label?
Lil Playy: Patience and work wthic, that’s the two most important things you got to know. A lot of times you may want to give up but be patient. And even after you do get signed, act like you’re not signed and keep working hard.


Parlé:  Cool, well thanks for your time man, I appreciate the interview and wish you the best of luck.
Lil Playy: I appreciate you for doing it. Thanks man.



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