America’s Welfare System: The Gift & The Curse

The government run entitlement programs have come under fire in these last few years, with America’s Welfare system being one of the more hot topics. Who is on welfare? And are they abusing it or are they really trying to better their situation? These questions spark intense  discussions.

59 million American’s receive welfare on an average month in the United States, and 43% of those people are white.

America’s Welfare system in it’s prime was filled with great intentions for the American citizen. Somewhere along the way, the system has failed to evolve with society. There is good and bad with the welfare system, for instance the program helps single mothers and fathers provide the necessities for their families. But the system also provides for a lifetime of laziness, which a lot of us just don’t want to admit to.

When we look at the Work First programs and the Continuing Education classes that the welfare system offers, those are very productive and positive programs on the surface, however, when you start to peal the onion back then we starts to see how the system is broken and exploited. When the people using the system know they only have to show up and sit for a few hours, with no real intent on using what’s being provided they are taking advantage of the system. We also have people on welfare so long that entire generations are living on this system. It is these families in my opinion that have learned how to abuse and use this system to their advantage.  There is no way that a grandmother, mother and daughter should all be living on the welfare system and all of them living in the same public housing community all at the same time.

America’s Welfare system of today keeps these people in a position of non-growth, it’s a gift and a curse. If the people want to work, they can but as soon as they make more than the program allows they are cut off.  Now this isn’t a bad thing but its not good either because if you make just enough to pay the bills you may not be able to feed your children or provide childcare.

There has to be a middle ground, which all participants can meet instead of the very useless ways they are going about it now. Also, when the average citizen hears that their tax dollars are going to, help “the lazy” it sets off a firestorm of emotions .But how long can you go to work, only to drive past these housing projects and see the luxury cars parked in the driveways of these units. When you know there is no way under the sun, that car should be there. Most of us would say if you can afford a Lexus then you should get off public assistance.  Then there are the times when you’re out at the grocery store and you’re shopping on a budget, and you’re not able to buy yourself the snacks or special items you would like to buy, you notice a family with two shopping carts, full of some of the most unhealthy foods in the store and when it’s time to pay they pull out the food stamp card. Many people become enraged and some even say things to these shoppers. However, who is really at fault here, is it the shopper who qualifies for the food subsidy or the government for not mandating what kind of food should be purchased? However is it really our business how and what they buy, is it not their card to use how they choose to use it?

I think this country owes it to the tax payers of America to revamp the entire American welfare system.  I do agree with mandatory drug testing and a start and end date for welfare. The work first programs and continuing education programs should come with rewards but they shouldn’t be monetary. There should be jobs waiting for the people who do use the system for the right reason. Those that are just setting themselves up for a lifetime of government handouts should have the consequence of knowing there is a time limit. Welfare is very fixable but it has to be done with the mindset of uplifting instead of producing more government babies for the taxpayers to continue to take care of.

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