[INTERVIEW]Chrystian The Ohio Native Is Ready To Get It In

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From Columbus, OH to the world, Chrystian is commonly regarded as being the next big entertainer of our time. With collaborations with super producers Midi Mafia, and Oak under his belt to date, as well as comparisons to the likes of Chris Brown and Usher, this 20-year-old musician is creating a buzz of excitement and promise. Check him out here in our exclusive interview, giving you the inside of the art, style, and motivations that have made Chrystian the rising star that he is today:

Parlé Magazine:  With your career in its early stages, how are you handling the comparisons to Usher and Chris Brown?
Chrystian: Overall I feel honored because I am a fan of both artists. I think they are great at what they do and to be compared to them or mentioned in that class is a great thing for me. I feel like I handle it well, because I am very confident.

Parlé:  Has it added pressure?
Chrystian: I wouldn’t say that it adds pressure, but it does bring about expectations from myself and people the same. When you are compared to that caliber of talent, people expect more from you. What it does is motivate me, because I feel good about where I am but I am not complacent; I understand that I have to continue to lay the ground work and keep working hard.

Parlé: Your new single “Get It In” tell us about that
Chrystian: “Get It In” is just a really fun song about having a good time; hitting the club and getting it in as we like to say. The irony is that I am not a big club-goer, but when I do I love to connect with the fans and people alike, having a good time.

Parlé: What can we expect from you musically going forward, is there an entire project forthcoming?
Chrystian: Yes indeed. As of now we dont have an exact release date for the project, but I want the people to know that we are working and its coming soon. The album will be titled Genesis. That title is significant and dear to me because I feel like it will be the 1st chapter in my musical bible, as well as the 1st step in my career. In the immediate future, we have a remix to “Get It In” that we will be releasing soon. We just did a remix contest where we selected a winner. So I am proud to announce again that my remix to “Get It In” will be out soon on iTunes featuring the Baker Boyz. So be on the lookout for that.

Parlé: How did you know you were meant to be a musician/entertainer?
Chrystian: I always tell people that I didnt really choose music, music chose me because honestly I was singing and entertaining before I knew what the industry was about. I remember being in my first talent show in the 1st grade and just loving the art. At around 13, 14 years old I began to take it seriously. I went out and got a manager and we started working on my brand, and I’ve been going hard ever since.

Parlé: You have worked with some great producers already like Oak and Midi Mafia, how has that helped your progression and your sound?
Chrystian: Working with such established individuals has been great and very humbling at the same time. When I’m collaborating with them it confirms for me that this is all very real, and very obtainable. I learned a lot from those guys mentioned, and I continue to. I remember being in L.A. in the studio with Midi Mafia, they brought me into a room played the track and said “write it” that was a defining moment for me. It showed me that I arrived and I could keep progressing with hard work.

Parlé:  I understand you are working on a nonprofit, which I would like to commend you on; tell us about C.L.A.S.S.
Chrystian: Yes C.L.A.S.S. is an acronym for: Columbus Local Artist Support System. I started it in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio and the goal is to create opportunity for local talent with aspirations of getting into the music business. We’re looking to provide vocal training and provide dance lessons/ studio time for these artist; it’s important to me to create resources in my hometown, a place which is unfortunately not a capital for music executives and labels.

To touch on something that me and you spoke about earlier, it was very hard for me to get my music and my talent recognized nationally and abroad, coming from Columbus. I was doing local talent shows and such but as I said there aren’t any labels in Columbus. I was recently signed about a year ago,and I can say for me, my greatest resource was the internet. I just want to be able to help others who have a dream. Down the line we want it to be an avenue for bringing the community together to support these individuals.

Parlé: At this point 5 years from now, what do you foresee being said about you as an artist?
Chrystian: 5 years from now I want to be able to look back and have people say that I was good and extremely entertaining. To accomplish that I am going to continue to master my craft, and be very consistant and give great performances. I feel as though that will be the means to being very successful.

Parlé: On that note, I have to ask, what is success for you industry wise?
Chrystian: Well like any other artist of course I would love to be able to win a Grammy and get that form of recognition and acclaim. However, if I had to choose selling a lot of records would be cool but my moment would be to perform at Madison Square Garden. Regardless of how many tickets get sold, I would like to accomplish that feat. I will feel like it was all worth it and I am a success.

Parlé: For now, you’re getting ready for the CMJ Music Marathon, NYC in October?
Chrystian: Yes indeed. I have performed in NYC before at the Ashford & Simpson Sugar Lounge and of course I was blessed enough to do BET, but this will be different and very exciting. I am definitely looking forward to it, and I hope the fans come out and support.

Parlé:  Thanks for the time.  Much continued success.

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