Dusk Till Dawn – Bobby V album review

Our Dusk Till Dawn Bobby V album review

One word that surely describes Bobby V at this point in his career: consistent. Come to think of it he’s been making hits since Mista released “Blackberry Molasses.” His latest album, his fifth release, Dusk Till Dawn is another notch under his belt. To date he hasn’t really failed listeners with his music, but label situations have failed him and essentially hurt his sales numbers. With Dusk Till Dawn Bobby V puts on his most recent display of quality music and provides more proof that he has detected the pulse of what the people want to hear.


Similar to his Fly On The Wall LP, Bobby has an even amount of uptempo joints mixed with slow jams. Unlike the previous album however, he doesn’t separate the album down the middle, instead he finds a way to weave in and out of songs without missing a beat.
Considering that he wrote on every song and worked with some of the same producers he’s always done business with, creating these types of albums have got to be easy at this point.

The features for the album also seem to match his talents perfectly. Starting with Lil’ Wayne on the single, “Mirror,” who he obviously has tons of chemistry with, Bobby matches some of best Hip-Hop artists that fit his style to songs about women. He reached out to Red Cafe, Cassidy, Future and Gucci Mane for special guest verses, but his duet with K. Michelle, “Put It In,” is probably the album’s highlight. K. Michelle uses every opportunity she gets to stunt and show off her vocals, while Bobby V has a knack for turning it up on R & B duets.

There’s no real downfall to this album, maybe just wish there were more tracks, but 12 will have to do it. Hopefully the fans continue to support him, because he’s obviously working hard to keep the hits coming.

Dusk Till Dawn receives a PARL


PARL…Kinda Great
PARLÉ… Classic

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