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When Tyrese decided he was going to do a Rap album a few years ago he went all out. He switched his name to Black Ty, called up some of his favorite producers and artists, all in hopes of creating a solid Rap based album, which was released as a double album with an R & B counterpart. Ryan Leslie didn’t do much to make his version of a Rap album work. He produced all his own material as usual, sang his own hooks and only got Fabolous to feature on a remix. This project is so effortless, it’s not even fair to call Les Is More a Rap album, as his style has remained the same for the most part. He’s just flowing over beats a bit more than usual.


The lyrics here won’t get Leslie nominated for any best lyricist or anything. The concepts center around relationships, heartbreak and the lavish life he can provide as an entertainer. “Glory,” the album’s opening cut is his explanation for a change in approach in the music industry, but throughout the project he doesn’t show the hunger he delivered on that song. Closest he gets back there would be the braggadocious track, “Swiss Francs” and the last verse on “The Black Flag.”  Leslie obviously didn’t want to lose his female fan base, so even with the new flow, he doesn’t do too much out the ordinary.


“5 Minute Freshen Up,” “Maybachs & Diamonds,”and “Dress To Undress You” are the albums highlights conceptually, but honestly I can only imagine how much better the tracks would be if he sang them all the way through. “Ups and Downs” might be the most complete Ryan Leslie track though as he evenly flows and sings throughout the song, similar to what you might find on one of his first two album releases.


Leslie fans will keep the album in rotation, in large part because he does just enough singing on the hooks to keep listeners entertained. Leslie is a great artist and producer so he knows what good music sounds like and he does his best to deliver that on this, his third album.  May not be totally what you’re used to, but for his first album since 2009, listeners will take what they can get.


Les Is More receives a PAR

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