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If you’re an avid reader, you’ve probably heard of Miasha. She introduced herself to many in 2006 with her debut novel, Secret Society. Her debut received rave reviews and an array of national press including BET, CBS, CNN and The Wendy Williams Experience. Oh but, Miasha didn’t stop there. In 2008 she and her husband Rich Coleman, produced the stage play adaptation of Secret Society. The show sold out every date and venue and went on tour in 2009. I can go on and on about the success she’s achieved but this interview is not quite about her this time around. It’s about the Rich Boys-Ace and Amir Coleman. Those are her sons –determined entrepreneurs in their own right. That’s quite impressive considering that they’re just 9 and 4 years old. Yes, these Rich Boys are following in their mother’s footsteps. Rich Boys is the name of their clothing line, a line “For Boys Who Just Like To Look Fly.” There’s a powerful message behind their movement. Read the interview to learn more.


Parlé Magazine: Hi Miasha! Thank you for doing the interview. So, your two sons Ace and Amir are now promoting a clothing line. I saw the video. It was touching. For those who haven’t; elaborate a little on why Rich Boys Clothing Line was born.
Miasha Coleman: The reason for the creation of Rich Boys is two fold. It initiated from an idea my husband had for creating a line that reflected the way we dressed our boys, which was very similar to how my husband dressed. However, what really sealed the deal to create this line and ultimately, the online shop, was a question asked by a young boy at one of my oldest son’s book signings. A little boy asked was my son inspired by any rappers because of how he was dressed. My son answered, “No, I’m not inspired by any rappers. I just like to look fly.” That was when I realized that the need for the line was deeper than style. Young boys needed to see other young boys dress fly to know that you don’t have to be a rapper, or a pro athlete, or a drug dealer to look fly. You can be whatever you want and still dress fly and feel rich.

Miasha Coleman and her sons The Rich Boys
Miasha Coleman and her sons The Rich Boys

Parlé:  I think it’s important for people to understand that it’s not always what you wear-it’s how you wear it. To instill that in your children at such a young age is commendable. How excited are Ace and Amir to be young entrepreneurs in training?
Miasha:  They love being “Rich Boys.” They like taking pictures and dressing fly. They get a kick out of knowing that people love their style and what they offer in their shop. My oldest son likes the idea that there’s money to be made. But we’re more so instilling in them that there’s a lot of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice that has to come before the money.

Parlé:  How are you balancing their schooling with the promotion of Rich Boys?
Miasha:  Rich Boys launched right before the end of the past school year, so it came at a time where School was more relaxed. Currently, school began one solid week after the launch of our Fall/Winter collection so I’m hoping with the launch out of the way, we can dive into school without so much on our plate. The great thing is, I homeschool the boys so we have the freedom to implement running the business into the curriculum.

Parlé:  What kind of feedback have you been receiving on Rich Boys?
Miasha:  The feedback we’ve gotten thus far has been phenomenal. People are in love with our items from all over the world including France, Bermuda, Canada, and even Australia. We get a lot of positive feedback about our quick shipping and excellent customer service. And what we really want the boys to learn is that the best feedback you can get when running a business is about your customer service. That is one of the key ingredients in having your business grow and being successful in the long run. Some people think it’s all about product or supply and demand. But you can have the best product and fail if your customer service is terrible. So I love getting those emails about how superb our customer service is.

Parlé:  What else is there in store for Rich Boys?
Miasha:  Wow, so much, I’m sure. Right now, we are focused on simply growing our brand and continuing to offer quality, high fashion clothing at the most affordable prices. But our long term goals include getting into stores across the globe and expanding our brand into a lifestyle brand to include everything from swimwear to bedding.

Thank you for telling us about Rich Boys. As for your fans; can you let people know what’s going on with you? Books, movies, etc…
Miasha:  No problem. As for my fans, I think they will be happy to know I have a new book series I’m releasing in 2014. It’s a sexy novella titled Swing that has a lot of twists and turns that my fans have come to expect from me. It’s also exposing a dark world, which is another aspect of my writing that my fans have come to love and expect from me. So stay tuned… I am also simultaneously working on turning my previous novels into scripts for movie and Television projects. So I’m definitely busy.

Parlé:  Ten years ago if someone would have told you this would be your life, would you have believed them?
Miasha:  Well, let me see, I would have been surprised, but it wouldn’t have been hard to believe. I’ve always had big plans for my life and dreamt big, so where I am now is definitely the outcome of my aspirations—with some extras I didn’t see coming though.

Parlé:  Is there anything else you would like to add?
Miasha:  I’m just appreciative for everybody who has recognized Rich Boys and supported us in any way. We appreciate you all.

Parlé:  Can you tell everyone how to order from Rich Boys?
Miasha:  You can order online at shoprichboys.com.

Parlé:  Now let everyone know how to contact you. (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Website, etc…)
Miasha:  You can contact Rich Boys on Instagram @rich_boys, on Facebook ShopRichBoys, or on Twitter @shoprichboys We also have a Look Book on richboyslifestyle.com
As for me, I can be reached on Instagram @authormiasha, via my website Miasha.com or my iphone/android app All Miasha Everything


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