Mary Mary Season 3 Preview…


Reality TV seems to have this stigma. Nothing is real, everything is scripted, the scenes, the drama, it’s all set up.  What you can expect from this season of Mary Mary is the complete opposite of this. What do we know about the “Shackles off My Feet So I Can Dance” singers? Well, yes we know that they are a gospel group, that they are siblings and women of God. But what we seem to forget, and what this season will exemplify is that they are human too—real people with real trials, real tears and real faith. If you never before had clear examples of what it’s like to fight real life battles with faith and come out on top, solid and true, this season will give you that.

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Many might think, “I can’t relate to these ladies, they’re rich, they’re famous, they grew up in the church,”—but you’re wrong, I think we all can. “I’m real like you, I go through some real regular stuff just like you, when people see that, it makes what we do much more real” – Tina explains. Through the show, the sisters will help us realize that being God fearing does not mean that we can expect perfection, we can’t expect smooth sailing 24/7 but they will also show us that with being God fearing we can expect to come out of the difficult times we face strong as long as we are grounded in faith. This season, Erica says, it “gives validity to the songs that we sing. (singing) “In the morning you’ll be alight”– wouldn’t be easy to sing these songs because you don’t believe that when you’re going through it, hopefully somebody will see that and be encouraged.”

From Tina dealing with infidelity issues in her marriage, to Erica figuring out how to go about her solo career, the show will jerk you around emotionally for sure. After taking a 3 month hiatus the girls are back at it but this doesn’t come without kinks. Issues with management aka Mitch, will arise and there will be some rough, hilarious and emotionally charging scenes to go along with it. As Erica mentioned during the screening, this is not a show that you can fully grasp after watching just a glimpse, stay tuned because as it unravels it gets more and more fascinating to watch these beautifully talented women convey their true story, teary eyed, shouting, laughing and most noteworthy— praying.

I have always been fans of the sisters, their music, families (including sister and stylist Googoo) and the show. What I like most about the show and the idea of the show alone is that it seems fearless to me. The backlash that comes with reality TV along with its exposing ways is not the business you’d expect a reputable and highly celebrated gospel group to get into. Especially two young women with families, careers and legit life challenges. They are real and raw this season, you get to be with them in happiness and pure devastation—but all the way, you’re sure to be inspired.

After being saluted and thanked for sharing their lives and being so revealing and honest Tina has this to say, “It’s about showing people the God that’s in us so your attention can be directed to him and if we do not do that we have failed and we should call ourselves some other artists, we call ourselves Gospel Artist. Gospel is the good news of Jesus Christ, if nothing that I do, nothing about my life connects you to the God of my music, then I am doing something terribly wrong.”

Brace yourselves for Tina’s well known raft, the exciting/taxing start of Erica’s solo career, Googoo’s new clients and Mitch’s facial expressions (that are sure to add comedic relief at the most appropriate times), some cool new cover shoots and fun trips. It’s going to be entertaining, cause us to do some evaluating of own on and pull on our heart strings.

Make sure you watch, Thursdays, starting February 27th on WeTv at 9pm!

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