With many exciting services like Hulu Plus, Netflix and Amazon Prime, it may be quite difficult to choose what to watch. If you’re like me, unless something has been recommended, you’ll probably end up watching the same series and movies over and over again. There’s nothing wrong with that, but there are so many good movies and hidden gems on these services that we often miss out on.  Sadly, the way Netflix is going I may recommend a movie today that’ll be gone tomorrow. Hopefully, you’ll find my suggestions interesting if nothing else.  

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The Iceman is a thriller based on the real life story of Richard Kuklinski, who killed more than 100 people for the mafia between 1964 and 1986. Despite all this, Richard remained a devoted husband and family man. The film is directed by Ariel Vromen (Danika, RX).  Michael Shannon (Man of Steel, Boardwalk Empire) stars as Richard Kuklinski along with stars as Ray Liotta (Goodfellas), Chris Evans (Captain America), Winona Ryder, David Schwimmer and a very intense cameos by Stephen Dorff and James Franco.

I will admit that this movie takes a little while to build up, if you appreciate story arc and character development then you’ll enjoy this flick. It’s not for everyone, but people interested in true crime movies with stories to tell, you’ll love this one. I recommend YouTubing Richard Kuklinski prior to watching this, I knew who he was beforehand, it’ll give you an appreciation for Michael Shannon’s performance. Also Chris Evan’s performance as Robert ‘Mr. Softee’ Pronge is very chilling.   

The movie is about 105 minutes. It doesn’t need to be as long in my opinion, they could’ve ended it at about the 90 minute mark and it would’ve still been good. The times where Winona Ryder is onscreen are a bit over dramatic but it’s not distracting.

The Iceman receives a PAR

PARL…Kinda Great
PARLÉ… Classic

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