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Who would have ever thought a shy girl from Beaufort, South Carolina would be American Idol‘s Season 12 winner. She’s grown a lot since only being able to sing for her parents. Life has changed for Candice Glover. Her Season 12 win is actually her third attempt at auditioning for American Idol. She’s proven that she believes in herself. It was nothing short of courage to be able to face many at a third shot on the show to prove that she had what it took to take home the crown, even if she didn’t know for sure herself at the time. She’s motivated so many to go after what they want and to never give up. WIth the recent release of her debut album, Music Speaks, and her single, “Cried,” Glover continues to motivate women everywhere.  Read the full interview to get Candice Glover a little better…

Parlé Magazine: Candice, thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview. How are you?
Candice Glover: I’m good.

Parlé:  When was your passion for music born?
CG: I started singing when I was four years old but I got serious about it when I was thirteen years old. When I got to high school that’s when I decided that I wanted to be on American Idol.

Parlé:  What made you decide to audition for American Idol in the beginning? Season 12 was your third shot at winning, right?
CG: Yes. Season 12 was the third time that I was on. The first time I auditioned, I remember I was sixteen years old. I was between the tenth and eleventh grade. I remember that Jordin Sparks was on there and we were the same age. I said if Jordin Sparks can do it and she’s so talented, I know I can but I waited until I graduated to actually go on the show. The first time that I went, I made the top 70 and got cut. I was crushed and my feelings were hurt and everything but I decided to go again and I made it a little bit further; I made the top 60 and I couldn’t stay away. I knew that if I kept going that it would happen and Season 12 I went and I just kept making it pass every single round.

Parlé:   Were you nervous? Did you think you would get as far as you did?
CG: Yeah. I was very nervous especially the second because I knew what it felt like to get cut. And then the second time when I had made it past the round that I had got cut at before I was crying so hard and I was just nervous the whole time and I was doing things that I wouldn’t normally do. I think that’s kind of why I got cut because I was trying too hard to be what everybody else wanted me to be. But in Season 12 I was nervous but, at the same time I kind of just went there knowing that whatever happens is happening for a reason and I would tell myself to not really care about what everybody else was thinking or what they wanted. I think that’s when things started to work out when I stopped caring about other people’s opinion.

Parlé:  How did you feel when you made it to the top 12? Were you shocked or were you expecting to make it quite far in the competition?
CG: I remember sitting in the room when Ryan Seacrest was calling all the names of the people in the top ten. I was sitting in the room with all the other girls. Ryan said that, “This first person has auditioned three times,” but I didn’t want to jump up because I didn’t want to be embarrassed because it was more than one person who went through the same thing as me. But when he actually did call my name, I jumped up and down, my jacket was falling off. I was just acting a complete fool and I didn’t know that I was going to win the whole thing. At the time, I was just very excited to make the top 10 because the tour was my main goal first. I felt like if I could go on tour then hopefully somebody would be in the audience in one of these cities and they can pick me up. Winning wasn’t my main focus but I think as time went on, I started growing more and more and being more interested in actually winning the whole thing. I just felt like I came so far and I can’t get cut now. It was a really stressful, scary process but it was also the best thing that has ever happened to me at the same time.

Parlé:  When your name was called as American Idol’s, Season 12 winner, walk us through your mindset. What were you thinking at that moment?
CG: It’s really funny because I went through the whole process on Season 12 just knowing in my mind that I was not going to win. I just kept saying, “You know you’re not going to win. Just do this performance and do your absolute best”. Not that I was doubting myself but I was prepared for the worst but I was still expecting the best. You don’t ever go through something and get cut twice and come back a third time and (feel) like, “I’m going to beat all y’all”. I didn’t think that so when Ryan actually called my name ; the face-I know that picture was like all over the internet and all over the news and everything the next day because the look on my face was complete shock. I had no idea that that was going to ever happen and as I was singing and all the confetti started coming down, I just started thanking God and realizing that I actually did achieve the biggest dream that I ever had.

Parlé:  How has life changed for you since being on American Idol?
CG: Life is very different. I actually just came from Canada in Montreal and I was doing a movie. I’ve never done a movie ever in my life but I used to do plays at school and in the fifth grade and I would do plays at Church for Easter and Christmas but to go from that to actually being in Canada. I’ve never even been out of the country. But to be in Canada doing a Christmas movie with Tiffany [Thiessen]. Way back in the day when she used to be on Saved By the Bell, I used to watch her every single day. To come in contact with all these different people that I used to watch on t.v. and used to look up to and want to be like; now I’m working side by side with them, so yeah I think my life has really, really changed now.

Parlé:  Can you tell us about your single “Cried”?
CG: Yeah! “Cried” was written by my favorite singer, Jazmine Sullivan and she sent that over to the label and I listened to it and fell in love with it the first time I heard it. It’s a really emotional song and the video is really emotional and I even cried a little bit at the end. It’s just about a relationship that’s not going right anymore, doesn’t matter if it’s domestic violence, being cheated on or not being treated the same-things are just different. I think it’s something that a lot of women can deal with. Everybody always says women do what they have to do. We always pull it together. I think we are the strongest humans on the planet. I think women are the strongest because we endure so many things and I think to actually be strong enough to cry sometimes-those are the strongest women that knows it’s okay to cry. I think when that song came out; it connected with a lot of women who try to hide their emotions sometimes. I think what I wanted to put out most from that song is that it’s okay for you to cry sometimes. It’s okay for you to just let everything go-just go in a corner or go in your room and get a good cry. And I feel like sometimes you feel better after you cry a little bit.

Parlé: On the Soul Train Awards, you were given the opportunity to honor a legend; the one and only Dionne Warwick. What was that experience like for you?
CG: That was actually amazing and she came up on the stage during rehearsal and said that she was so honored that I was in the tribute but I was so honored that she knew who I was and actually came up the steps and actually talked to me. So, I’m still kind of pinching myself from that performance because I got to sing with Ruben Studdard and he won exactly ten years before me in Season 2 and I was Season 12. We came together on the stage and paid tribute to one of the greatest artist who ever lived so there are a lot

Candice Glover interview
Candice Glove ‘Music Speaks’ album cover

of different things that I had been experiencing that I never thought I would and that’s one of them.

Parlé:  Your debut album was released on February 18th. It’s titled Music Speaks. What’s the meaning behind that title?
CG: My favorite quote is, “When words fail, music speaks.” When I was younger, I used to get teased, I would get bullied and I was such a quiet person. I never said anything to anybody out of fear of saying the wrong thing. And a lot of times when I felt a certain way I wouldn’t say anything, but there would always be a song that explained everything I wanted to say and this is from elementary school, middle school, high school, I didn’t know what to say. There was always a song that said exactly what I wanted to and I feel like music does speak and connects with people in a way that sometimes words can’t. So I think that was the best title to use for the album.

Parlé: What do your fans tell you about your win? I’m sure your determination to not give up and be afraid to keep trying touched many people.
CG: A lot of people have been commenting on my perseverance and my determination to never give up. I’ve always been connecting with girls who don’t have the best self-esteem. When I first came out with “I Am Beautiful,” which is a different version on the album but the same words just letting everybody know that you’re beautiful no matter what anybody says to you. A lot of girls and a lot of their mothers that come to the tour are saying that their daughters are actually coming out of their shells a little bit more because they’ve been seeing the progress that I went through on American Idol and coming out of that whole insecure stage. If I never sell another album, just to know that the ones that I did sell help somebody, then my job is done.

Parlé:  Has your win on American Idol taught you anything about yourself?
CG: It taught me that I am talented. It used to take me a long time to say and know that I had a gift, especially after being rejected a whole bunch of times. You kind of start second guessing yourself. But the third time I went on American Idol, it just kind taught me that sometimes God hides you until you’re ready to be pushed into the spotlight. So, it just taught me to be patient and know that everything happens for a reason and know that you are gifted and you are talented and you do have a gift to share with the world. Before I don’t think I knew that and now that I know that I want to take that full force and help other people.

Parlé:  What kind of motivating words would you give to someone that may aspire to do something but they get discouraged and are not sure if it will ever happen?
CG: I would definitely say to never give up and I know that sounds cliché but don’t ever give up at all. And not only singing; whatever you want to do in your life, if somebody tells you that you can’t, make it your business to prove it to them that you can. I think that success is the best revenge. I still see comments about people doubting me and what I’m going to do next but, I’ve proven them wrong every single time just because I keep pressing toward the roles that I want. So, I think I’m living proof that if you keep going, everything happens for a reason and when it’s your season, it’ll actually happen for you.

Parlé:  Is there anything else you would like people to know?
CG: Just that I love and appreciate everybody for all the support that they’ve been giving me. Music Speaks is out now. I’ve been getting really good comments on it and I hope everybody will continue to connect with me because that’s my main goal.

Parlé:  How can you be reached? Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, website, etc.?
CG: Twitter: CandiceGlover, Instagram: CandiceGlover, Facebook: CandiceGloverMusic

Parlé:  Thank you so much for taking the time out to do the interview.
CG: Thank you. It was great talking to you too.

photo credit:  Meeno

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