The Emergence of Anthony Lewis

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Talent is all around us and with each passing year comes a new star in the making, one that is sure to set 2014 a blaze is R&B crooner Anthony Lewis. In February, the 17 year-old L.A. native released his single, “Candy Rain,” a remix of the 90’s classic from R&B group Soul 4 Real. He has since caught the eyes and ears of every major music and is making strides on Billboard’s Hot 100 list. With the song in continuous rotation prompting live performances and more work on his forthcoming debut album to be done Anthony is busier than ever, fortunately he had a few moments to spare to talk about his growing career, his inspiration, and the future of his craft.  See what he had to say below.

Parlé Magazine: Starting a career at such a young age usually comes from a heavy influence; can you tell me about how music affected your childhood?
Anthony Lewis: Growing up for me was always about music. My mom and dad are both musicians and my grandmother sang all the time as well so I was always around music people. I remember watching Chris Brown, Michael Jackson and Usher and how they would move and sing and started practicing until I got it. My mom asked if I wanted to make it a career but I said no at the time because I was more into basketball but eventually that changed and I was more serious about music. Music was very serious in our house.

Parlé: You mentioned Chris Brown as an inspiration for your career, is there anyone else that inspires your style of singing or dance?
Anthony Lewis: Oh Definitely; Usher, Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, James Brown, Sam Cooke. All the greats.

Parlé: Most of those guys discovered their passion for entertaining at a young age as well. What age or when did you know this would be your calling?
Anthony Lewis: When I really realized I wanted to do this as a career was when I was 13. I started putting YouTube videos up just to do it. I didn’t think “Oh I may get signed or I wonder who will notice me,” I just wanted to show people my talent. I just wanted to show people who I am, who Anthony Lewis is and that’s when I knew.

Parlé: With that said I have to ask, who is Anthony Lewis? How would you describe yourself as a person and an artist?
Anthony Lewis: I would say I’m just a real cool and chill guy. Sometimes I can be really hyper (laughs) but that’s because I’m still a kid and I love being one. I’m only 17 and I want to stay young and fresh as long as I can and just enjoy life.

Parlé: And how does that tie into your music, do you create music for others to relate to?
Anthony Lewis: I make the music for the ladies you know (laughs). What I’m trying to do is similar to how Chris Brown would talk about how he would get the girl and how she was feeling him. Or how he and his girl would go through things and be all twisted up and in love, I like to talk about that type of stuff too. If I’m in a relationship I love to talk about that and my real life experiences. I know I’m young and some would say that I don’t know what love is but I know what I feel and want to share that.

Parlé: That makes a lot of sense as to why your first single is “Candy Rain,” which has been pretty successful thus far. How does that make you feel?
Anthony Lewis: It’s just a blessing man and I’m very excited. Like I said just two years ago I was only on YouTube doing my thing and now I get to show the world what I can do. It’s just a blessing.

Parlé: And what made you choose this song particularly as your debut to the world?
Anthony Lewis: Me and my team, you know The Chemist, thought, “what if we just put this out and see what it does” and because it was an old 90’s song people would listen and say “oh I remember this song” and get them excited. We wanted to let them know that old school music wasn’t going to die.

Parlé: It’s refreshing to hear you say that. A lot of older music lovers often think new artist don’t know what old school or “good music” is. What would you say to that?
Anthony Lewis: Let me tell you, my dad isn’t old but he listens to old school music all day. That’s really what I grew up on. I listen to Chris Brown and stuff but that’s what I grew up on you know.

Parlé: Will more old school R&B have a place on your debut album?
Anthony Lewis: Yeah. It will definitely have a little bit of an old school feel on it.

Parlé: Can you tell me a little bit more of what to expect from it?
Anthony Lewis: Hmmm, I would have to say it’s just going to be great music. I’m really going to be myself on the album and have a good time while showing you what Anthony Lewis can do.

Parlé: And as a first time artist how has the process of pulling your album been?
Anthony Lewis: It’s definitely hard work. It’s not easy and you constantly have to grind but hard work pays off. I definitely want to thank God and my family for putting me in the position to create it. Also my team and everyone who took me seriously about this when no one else did.

Parlé: Now knowing what you know about becoming an artist can you still see yourself doing this 10 years from now?
Anthony Lewis: 10 years? What? Man no. I’ll be here for 20 – 30 years. (laughs)

Parlé: (Laughs) It’s great to hear that passion for it. So many new artists never make it past their debut album.
Anthony Lewis: That’s not me. See I’m going to stay; I want to be here and do this forever.

Parlé: In that span of forever can you see yourself being known for any one moment or another?
Anthony Lewis: That’s a really good question. I’ve never thought about that but I do know I really want to change lives and show people that dreams really come true. I want to show people that if you work hard for something you can get it.  And that not only Michael, Usher or Chris Brown can do it.

Parlé: Nicely put. You’re well on your way to a long career and I wish you much success on it.
Anthony Lewis: Thanks man I appreciate that.

Anthony is continuing work on his debut album while performing “Candy Rain” all over the country. For more on his upcoming events and new music you can follow him on Twitter & Instagram @Myanthonylewis and his website

Photo Credit: Floyd of 306 Media Group  

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