New Single, “It’s Nothing,” Launches Hi-Five’s Comeback

Are you a fan of good 90’s music? A fan of music that allows you to still leave something to the imagination? Then you might want to cop that new Hi-Five The EP. Yes, that’s right—Billy, Faruq, Marcus, Shannon and Treston aka Hi-5 are making a comeback and Billy Covington and Faruq Evans assured Parlé Magazine in a recent interview, that they’re here to stay!


Hi-Five as many remember was the male group from Waco, Tx that shot to popularity in the early 90’s with hits like, “The Kissing Game” and “Can’t Wait Another Minute.” They started as a trio, but weren’t offered a contract until they became a quintet. Music execs at Jive Records liked their look, style and dancing ability. With the help of friend, mentor and producer William Walton, the group released their first self-titled album in 1990. Since then the group has gone through many setbacks, including the 2007 death of original member and lead singer Tony Thompson. Recently featured on TV ONE’s “Unsung” series, members recalled intimate moments from their music career and the things that lead them to overcome the trials and tribulations.

With a goal of bringing back good music, Billy says, “We want our fans to know that since our last album in 2005, we’ve been writing, producing, living life, starting families and waiting for the right time to get back in the game.” Their new single “It’s Nothing,” scheduled for release on all the digital media outlets on August 12th, takes you back to a time when music really meant something – there was a real substance to it, says Faruq. Fans can expect a more mature sound and Hi-5 isn’t singing about puppy love anymore; they are definitely singing grown folks music on this track. In an industry where singing about sex, hoes, tricks and fast money are trending—Hi-5’s wholesomeness is a refreshing flashback to when foreplay music was in style. Faruq jokingly says, “Sometimes you have to preheat the oven!”

The single “Different Kiss” is like an evolution of their #1 hit from 1990, “The Kissing Game.” When you’re kids it’s all about the games we play, but when a woman grows up says Billy, “She wants a different kind of kiss” and this song explores that. Fans should also expect certain elements in their current music that are reminiscent of the 90’s era, but also some upbeat tempos, slow jams, and mostly serious love songs. “We bringing love back,” Faruq reiterates.

When asked how they remain relevant with the cross between 90’s R&B and today’s R&B and Hip Hop; Billy responded that they keep their ears to the ground to stay current, they grow musically and they’ve done this before so the transition back into the industry isn’t as difficult. They also listened to discover what was missing in today’s music and they found a real lack of integrity—so they focused on incorporating more of that in their music. When it comes to their future projects, they want fans to know that there will be no more hiatuses; Hi-5 is back and not going away. Billy says, “We want longevity like the Temptations;” his uncle is a member.

A few fans had questions for Hi-5, so they were happy to do a Q&A.

Parlé Magazine: What R&B artists do you admire most?
Hi-5 (Billy): I think Joe, Usher and Tank all have great elements of R&B. They have driven R&B to a new level. I’ve always been a huge fan of Tank; since way back in 2000 at the Budweiser Summer Fest in Arizona.
Hi-5 (Faruq): Joe and Mint Condition.

Parlé: Do you have kids and what do they think about their dads reentering the business again?
Hi-5 (Billy): My daughter went crazy and was texting all her friends. All the neighborhood kids are coming to my house now and singing “The Kissing Game.” Seeing my kids and my father watching our videos with admiration was a proud moment. You always want to be seen in a positive light by your kids and for your parents to be proud of you.
Hi-5 (Faruq): My daughter went nuts and was screaming, ”OMG, my Daddy’s on TV!”

ParléWhat artists are on your playlist?
Hi-5 (Billy): Oh my God, I know I have 20 gigs of music on my Ipod and at least 15,000 songs. I like so many and people wouldn’t even believe some of the things I have on my playlist. I listen to everyone from Garth Brooks to James Taylor. JT is my favorite writer. Donny Hathaway was an inspiration and just made an emotional connection with me. There’s also Boys II Men, Luther Vandross and Mary Mary.
Hi-5 (Faruq): I have about 10,000 songs in my playlist. My favorite tenor is Christopher Cross, there’s also some Roger and Zapp in there.

Parlé:  How do you decide which person sings which part in your songs?

Hi-5 (Billy): It’s not a competition. Whoever can deliver it the best – does it. Everybody can’t sing everything. Sometimes I write a song, but don’t want to sing it. We have enough talent to do different types of things with our music.

Parlé Do you have any advice for new groups trying to enter the industry?
Hi-5: Stay grounded. Keep God in your life and your circle tight. Don’t get into this for the money, it needs to be for the love of the music or this industry will eat you up.

Parlé: Do you have any advice for other groups from the 90’s that disbanded on how to reconnect and make a comeback? You all are trying to do it, but can it really be done?
Hi-5 (Billy): It can be done. They need to use the same formula and go back to what made them great. Don’t try to come back out and keep up with what Chris Brown is doing or copy trends, because trends go away. Just be yourself, do you, and enjoy the journey. Second chances don’t always happen.

Parlé: Are you touring or where can we see you perform?
Hi-5: Visit (Bronx Most Wanted Entertainment) which is owned by group member Treston Irby. Our event schedule for upcoming performances is listed. We are also connected to all the social media outlets, so please check them to see where we’ll be. We are @OfficialHiFive. If you don’t see the word “official”—it’s not us!

Before the interview ended, Billy and Faruq wanted to thank the fans from the past, present and future for their continued support and those that are beginning to love us. They are trying to create a legacy and honor the late Tony Thompson by sticking to it, never giving up through all the trials and tribulations, going strong and producing quality music.

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