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[INTERVIEW] Entrepreneur & Reality Star Chantelle Fraser – Woman With A Purpose

[INTERVIEW] Entrepreneur & Reality Star Chantelle Fraser – Woman With A Purpose

Chantelle Fraser made a splash on the BRAVO Reality series, “Blood, Sweat & Heels,” not just because she is insanely beautiful but also because of her spicy personality. The UK born Fraser joined the 2nd season cast and quickly proved that she was a force to be reckoned with.

An extremely educated and business savvy woman, Chantelle graduated from the London School of Economics with a Masters in Management.  Initially she worked as a booker for Elite Model Management in LA.  In 2006, she formed FLAWLESS NYC (www.flawlessnyc.com), a high-end promotional talent and entertainment booking company that provides a variety of performing artists including promotional models, Belly dancers, musicians,  vocalists, emcee’s, aerial artist and DJ’s. FLAWLESS also offers casting services as well as catering and event staffing for its clients.

I had the pleasure of talking with Chantelle Fraser and was blown away by how down to earth she was and humble. I knew Geneva (Thomas) and was invited to film with the cast,” Fraser said of how she came to be a part of Blood, Sweat & Heels. Having watched the first season from the gate, seeing this new face was exciting for me. It was evident that her outspoken personality and “tell it like it is,” no-nonsense charm was refreshing but did not come without conflict amongst some of the other women on the show.

On whether her outspokenness is a primary cause of tension she experienced, she definitely felt it was. “Yes, it did… mostly with Melyssa (Ford)…” especially when it pertained to a conversation the women were having regarding dating and a situation Melyssa was involved in. “I didn’t mean to be offensive,” Chantelle expressed. I asked her if it was possible that some people may not understand her personality being that she is from the UK and she definitely agreed that her “Brit wit” may sometimes get misinterpreted and her intentions or remarks/comments get “lost in translation.” She was extremely sincere in her assertion that she is not that “mean girl” or a mean spirited, confrontational type person.

We also talked about FLAWLESS NYC and if she has seen a difference in the company since she has been on the show.” Yes, definitely! We’ve seen lots more business… it has been amazing.” With such success in NYC, I asked her if she has any plans for expansion in other cities like LA, Miami… or even Seattle (where I live!). “Oh yes, definitely, LA… and now that I have a friend in Seattle….(laughs).”

She also mentioned the expansion of the FLAWLESS brand in general, particularly the recent launch of her new FLAWLESS LIVING website (www.flawless-living.com), a positive lifestyle site that is “a guide to Flawless health, beauty, happiness, and everything else in between.” Fraser is a vegan, who is very big on eating and living healthy herself.  She is all about being the best you that you can be and setting “no limit on self. Life is a journey!”

She is such a success because “I am self-critical!” she shared. I told her it’s obvious that she has an eye for talent and I was curious how she acquires new talent for the FLAWWLES NYC roster. She admitted that she finds talent around the city, just being out and about.  If someone moves her, she will be sure to interact. Her standards are high so it is going to take an extraordinary person to impress her. She is defiantly about her business and making it the best that it can possibly be.

I asked her would she be interested in returning for a 3rd season of “Blood, Sweat & Heels.” “Yes, I would love to come back! I had good experiences and some bad. The public response has been wonderful!”

Chantelle and her Westie, Milkshake
Chantelle and her Westie, Milkshake

What I like about Chantelle Fraser was that she is extremely well-rounded! An example of that was in an episode on the show, the BSH ladies took a trip to the Hamptons and while sitting around talking, they decided to play “Truth or Dare.”  When it was Chantelle’s turn, she took the DARE, which was for her to go skinny dipping in the pool. The ladies said she could just jump in the pool with her underwear on and without hesitation she disrobed and jumped on in! She laughed when I mentioned that, saying “I have a business side and a fun side. I have a fearless side and a mysterious side. I don’t want to be put ‘in a box’.’ She also shared that because she is British, people hear her British accent and automatically think that she is stuck-up and uptight, but she is far from that.

So what’s next for Ms. Chantelle?  She will be appearing in the Parlé Production, stage play “Georgia” a project that addresses the sensitive and taboo subject matter of rape within a relationship.  I asked Chantelle what drew her to the project and made her want to be involved. “It is a strong social message and thought provoking subject that needs to be discussed more. Maybe it can help someone out there that has or is experiencing this.” The play is scheduled to open in late July 2015.  More information at www.georgiatheplay.com.

As our conversation came to an end, I asked Chantelle, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” “I would love to have more television and film roles (acting), the creativity to express myself and a talk show!” The talk show she sees as a direct expansion of the FLAWLESS LIVING brand. When she said “talk show,” I could totally visualize that being a reality and very successful venture for her!

The 30 minutes we talked went by so fast. It was so natural and was like a “girlfriend” type conversation rather than an interview.  Chantelle Fraser is a class act in my book. Her passion, commitment and her determination to be successful is empowering and inspiring. I look forward to seeing everything that she has to offer.  The world better get ready as well because she is a woman on a mission.

Images by Reggo Wilson for Parlé Magazine

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