They Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts – Three Friends Take on Haunted Houses as ‘Ghost Brothers’

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‘Ghost Brothers’ Seek Out Paranormal in Destination America Show

The paranormal world is something that many people either have an interest in or stay far away from. In the African-American community people tend to have mixed reviews about their beliefs and thoughts. Three friends have decided to put all the fears and negative thoughts about the paranormal to the test. Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass and Marcus Harvey are starring in the Destination America television show “Ghost Brothers.” The Ghost Brothers take viewers on a comedic journey through various haunted houses to explore the paranormal entities that exist there.  Essentially they act as ghost hunters.

Be mindful that all three men are successful entrepreneurs with an incredible business savvy.  Dalen and Juwan are fashion designers with their own brand, Loren Spratt, while Marcus is a successful comedian and barber to the stars.  Ghost Brothers is a partnership between friends and just another step on their individual journeys.  Parlé Magazine sat down with the cast of  Ghost Brothers to discuss the show, their experiences with ghosts and much more. 


What made the three of you want to come together to do this Ghost Brothers show?
Dalen: It was never about it being a show. It was just something that we were curious about in our own spare time. We all have our own jobs, careers and lives. You know how friends just sit around and talk about stuff and start telling stories about your past and one thing leads to another. You start to realize that crazy stuff has happened to like everybody. Everybody has their own certain level of curiosity. We were just the three friends who decided to take it one step further and do some searching on our own and ask some questions for ourselves. We caught the attention of the network and they allowed us an opportunity to do it on a way larger scale.


Growing in the African-American community, we were told not to mess with the dead or else bad things would happen. Do you think that by going around looking for the paranormal you are opening doors that don’t need to be opened?
Marcus: I don’t think we are. We are just trying to gain understanding, wisdom and knowledge. We are just curious. We are in touch with our spiritual side. I don’t think we are poking at anything.


Dalen: We come at it in a respectful way. I think with us growing up in the church, we have a certain level of respect for the spiritual world. We know not to play with it. We come into it with a humorous manner, but not a playful manner. We feel like if you are a spirit, you once were among the living. If you lived, 10 times out of 10 you had a sense of humor. I can’t just see that sense of humor just passing away when you go away. Why can’t they have that level of humor?


Juwan: Honestly, we know we are knocking on doors and we are trying to break down barriers. I want them to be opened. We wouldn’t be able to go and investigate anything if we never got anything. They say be careful because if you knock on that door, somebody might open it. Thing is, I want somebody to open it, that’s why we are here. Our curiosity just doesn’t stop at the show. We really want to understand the why.


Dalen: You’re right Juwan. You can’t ignore it. How can someone teach you or tell you to ignore it? You can’t ignore the fact that there is something here that you cannot see, but has a presence. People teach us not to mess with it, but you want me to ignore it. I don’t think that’s right. I think you should always have that thirsty quest for knowledge and understanding.


Ghost Brothers
Ghost Brothers – Juwan L Marcus M Dalen R

In comparison to other shows, what makes Ghost Brothers different and what can viewers expect from it?
Dalen: That’s a fair question. I think that the similarity of our show with other paranormal activity shows would be the fact that we are all seeking to find ghosts that are out there. What makes us different, I believe is our chemistry. You genuinely have three friends who are of a different ethnic backgrounds. People always say Black folks handle things a little differently and now you get a first-hand glimpse at that.

Marcus: Yeah and the Black guy doesn’t die!

Dalen: Exactly, the Black guy doesn’t die. We are trying to dispute that theory.

Juwan: Nah man, we don’t die. What makes us different is our approach. We handle things from a real stand point and we understand that there are malevolent spirits and benevolent spirits and you can’t antagonize every situation. You have to be gentle with your approach. We have to switch up our approach depending on the story. Sometimes you have to hit em’ with the R&B voice so to speak and sometimes you have to speak with authority. It all depends. I think it is within our approach because some of the other shows have this monotone, antagonistic approach. Sometimes that doesn’t get the best result.

In the first episode, there is a scene where you, Dalen, were sitting in Aunt Agnes’ room. Did you truly feel like you were going to die and did you truly feel someone presence?
Dalen: What really happened that night was Marcus and I were in that cabin, but in another room and we did an EVP (electronic voice phenomena) recording. The EVP recording let us know something else was in there. The voice said something like “let’s talk” or “sit down.” Something let us know that it was there. For me to be in there later on that night by myself, it was like it had already been proven to me that something else is in this cabin that I can’t see. It wasn’t like I knew something was going to happen to me, I just didn’t know what could happen. Like I wasn’t prepared to see something. What would I have done if I had looked up and Aunt Agnes had shown herself? I would have literally passed away, like I would have died. It would have been no coming back. Ya’ll would have been searching for me on the next episode.

What is the overall objective with Ghost Brothers would you guys say? Do you see yourselves doing this long term?
 Dalen: I see us getting picked up for ten more seasons. It is fun and great. What’s better than working with your best friends and having fun day in and day out. Hopefully the fans of the genre and the network see the same vision and keeps pushing it. I think we are all on one accord because we all want to do bigger and greater things. We want to visit much scarier places. I know Juwan mentioned going to a haunted strip club and investing different, unique and urban cultural places. Each season can just get bigger and bigger.

Dalen and Juwan, the two of you work together in the fashion industry. Can you elaborate a little more on what you do with your line “Loren Spratt” and your future plans for that?
Juwan: We have an upscale menswear line. We are out here just trying to start a movement and let people know that you can have a suit for every occasion. I think we are just trying to revolutionize the idea that suits aren’t formal and uptight. You can wear suits everywhere, basketball game, a cookout, anywhere.

Dalen:  Juwan and I have the clothing brand [Loren Spratt] and Marcus has the barbering brand.  He is creating a line of executive style barbers.

Have the three of you ever thought about coming together to create a one stop shop? A place where men can get a suit and a haircut all in one place.
Juwan: It’s funny you say that. We actually talked about doing a makeover type of situation. You know people can come to us for their needs. We can help with grooming and dressing. Truth be told, Dalen and I specialize in etiquette and lifestyle. It’s a little side thing we do. Those are just some of things that we can do to help mold that man or young teen. We thought about doing a collaboration. It would be dope.

Marcus: We definitely talked about doing that. You think of us as Hitch, you know the movie with Will Smith. We can set you up and get you right. You know Juwan is Mike Lowry [Bad Boys].  Dalen is Morris Chestnut and Me, well I’m just me. They haven’t made anybody like me yet.

Which episode should viewers really keep an eye out for?
Dalen: Definitely the first episode. That’s the one that I feel like is very powerful. I love that one.

Marcus: Watch all of them. Don’t miss one. They are all great.

Juwan: My favorite was definitely the plantation. There were just so many emotions in that one location. It really pulls on the heart strings. It was different because we couldn’t be as funny as we normally would be.

How did you come up with the name for the show?
Dalen:  Juwan and I are actually fraternity brother. We are members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. So we kind of played off of that and we are Black folks. Black folk always say we are brothers. We always relate friendship to family. These guys will always be my brothers.

Juwan: To even take it a step further, if you let me preach to you for a second, I am my brother’s keeper.

Marcus: PREACH!


Ghost Brothers sneak peak:

You can catch Dalen, Marcus and Juwan on Ghost Brothers on Destination America beginning on April 15th at 10PM.

Photo Credit:  Destination America

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