Erica Dixon Enjoys Life After Love and Hip-Hop, with New Book, Fashion and Hair Line

Erica Dixon Has Moved On From Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta And She’s Happier Than Ever

Erica Dixon has tunnel vision. She’s looking forward to her life beyond the VH1 reality show Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta.  Dixon recently announced she will not appear on the next season on the show, a show she has been on since season one. Love & Hip-HopAtlanta is now entering it’s fifth season. Reality television is in the rear view for Ms. Dixon but rest assured, the working mom has other plans on her agenda.
Dixon, who dealt with her complicated relationship with rapper Lil Scrappy on the show, even dealing with a broken engagement, drama over child support for their 10-year-old daughter, the filing of a “family violence” protective order, and the reality of Adiz “Bambi” Benson, knows there is “real” life after reality TV.

Erica Dixon
Erica Dixon

Nonetheless, now she is working a children’s book series, a memoir, and promoting her hair and clothing line. It’s a lot to juggle, but Dixon has it under control. “I am just focusing on one thing at the time. I make it work,” she explained during our interview, which took place while she was driving her child to school.  “Mothers are the best at multitasking I tell you,” she admitted.

Dixon has  already published the first in her children’s book series, Introducing Southern Bell. The book’s main character, Bell, goes through similar experiences that Dixon herself went through as a child, such as dealing with a drug-addicted mother.  Dixon talked about that more in a previous interview with Parlé Magazine. While Introducing Southern Bell was inspired by Dixon’s life it is not all about her.  Still, it touches on some very true-life experiences of Dixon. Introducing Southern Bell is the first in the 7 series collection leading up to an adult tell-all book.

Erica Dixon
Erica Dixon, Introducing Southern Belle book cover

According to Dixon, it was actually cathartic writing the books. “It was refreshing. It’s like a healing process and more importantly, I hope the book will help other children and parents, not only ones going through something similar, but also to open a diagonal between parents and their children,” says Dixon. “It’s not a fairy tale, it’s real life. It’s about kids going through not liking themselves. For example, I went through not liking myself because of my situation at home. I hope the book will encourage kids to open up to someone to speak about their problems.”

Her own daughter has read the book. “She took it upon herself to read it. I am happy she did. I feel the book is inspirational for young girls,” Dixon offers. “Bell is a princess, but she’s not like the typical princesses such as Cinderella. She has had struggles and readers can see how she can come out of it. With my own daughter, I want to teach her that she can be a leader, that she can like herself and she can make her dreams come true.”


Moving Into Fashion
In addition to her new book, Dixon is also running her hair and fashion line, Klass6, which recently made its debut. For her it was a natural business move. “People are always asking me about my hair and my clothes and instead of promoting other designers, I figured why not start my own line. If people want to dress or wear their hair like me, let me give them the products,” she explains. “The named Klass6 is because I want my line to be known for class. I want to offer classy products. On social media all you see is nakedness; people want you to think that’s classy. But you don’t have to be naked to be classy.”

Erica Dixon
Erica Dixon with model in Klass6 clothing image by:  Marcel Anthony


Erica Dixon’s line includes all original designs and the hair products are affordable. “I wouldn’t offer people something I wouldn’t wear,” she says. “With the hair products, it’s just good hair at affordable prices.”

Erica Dixon is living proof that there is life after reality television, and she wants people to realize reality TV is just a stepping stone. “Unfortunately people have the idea that reality TV is a career, even my daughter. When I asked her want she wants to be, she said she wanted to be on reality TV—and  she’s 10 years old! I had to explain to her that it’s not a career, reality TV is not a career, but a platform.”

And Dixon is using the hell out of the platform. Due to her exposure through the Love & Hip Hop franchise she has built her own brand—and  there’s no stopping her now. “My brain is always working, always thinking of ways to build my brand,” she explains. “I am always thinking what can I do next and what will work for me. And I have to be passionate about every move. If I’m not passionate, why do it?! For example, with my hair line. I decided to do it because I change my hair once or twice a week, so why not have my own hair line, my own extensions. So I seized the opportunity.”

Now with not being on the show the next season, Dixon plans to remain busy with other things. “This year, 2016 is ALL about building. I’m getting out there and meeting and greeting people, building relationships. I am just loving my life right now. I have always wanted to model and have always loved fashion and Klass6 has given me the opportunity to design and be in fashion. With my children’s book, I am able to tell people a little bit of my experiences.”

So far it seems like a journey of overcoming some of life’s biggest challenges—and  Dixon is celebrating her victories. Still, Dixon has learned some hard life and business lessons on the way. “Don’t trust everyone,” she says without missing a beat.  “I try to give everyone a chance, but you have to be cautious. You have to be strategic and do your research. When things are right they are right!”

It seems things are pretty right for Dixon right about now!

For more info on Erica Dixon’s hair and fashion line, check out Klass6 online at

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Image of Erica Dixon in black dress by @usfjrain

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