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Travis Greene Continues Using His Platform To Engage The Culture

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Travis Greene Talks Newest Single, “You Waited”, & Using His Purpose As A Platform

Award-winning Gospel singer and worship leader, Travis Greene topped the charts with his 2015 album, The Hill. Featuring the highly praised singles, “Made A Way” and “Intentional”, The Hill peaked at number one on Billboard’s ‘Top Gospel Albums’ chart, making it one of Greene’s most successful releases. Now, the 33-year-old has resurfaced with a brand new long-awaited single, titled “You Waited“.

Greene’s new praiseworthy single serves as the first single from his much anticipated forthcoming live recorded album, Crossover: Live from Music City. The well over five-minute song and live visual are already doing well in numbers, garnering over 700,000 plays on YouTube and creating a buzz on all social platforms. 

With his contemporary, modern day approach to traditional Gospel music, Travis Greene ministers to the souls of many, using his trials and tribulations to tell his testimony. Ten years plus, in the game, and Greene never ceases to amaze us. Whether it’s on the mic or in the pulpit, there is always a spiritual message left behind through his unique praise and worship.

Adding to his musical accolades, Greene recently won his very first Billboard Music Award, at this year’s ceremony, taking home a ‘Top Gospel Song’ award for “Made A Way”.  This also follows his seven wins earlier this year at the Stellar Awards.

As of late, Travis Greene has been on a worldwide tour, engaging the culture and touching lives, one by one.

Parlé Magazine recently had the opportunity to catch up with Travis Greene. Check out our exclusive sit-down interview with him below!


Parlé Mag: I couldn’t start this interview off without talking about your newest single, “You Waited”which has well over 700,000 plays on YouTube right now.
Travis Greene: Wow, that’s crazy!


Parlé Mag: For you, what does “You Waited” signify?
Travis Greene: For me, it’s a song that just brags about the patience of God. The fact that he decided that we were worth the wait. You know? So many other people may have given up on us or thought we weren’t worth their patience, but God’s not like that. The only reason why you’re still around is that God waited for you. So, that’s what the song is about.


Parlé Mag: What led you to pick “You Waited” as the single?
Travis Greene: It just registered with me; it was two significant things that made it an easy selection. One, it’s ministered to me in a major way. You know, how a song or something would speak to your heart, and it did that, for me, personally. Two, at the recording, it was like ‘the’ song. So, it was hard to move on from it. People just kept singing it, for thirty minutes plus. That was a sure sign that it was a song that would stick with people.


Parlé Mag: Indeed! So, you also released the video, recently. I really love that it creates that full-blown church experience for viewers and listeners. I found it interesting because you actually shot that video in the midst of your live recording of the whole album in Nashville. How was that? Why Nashville?
Travis Greene: Man, honestly, I believe it was a call from God to do a recording in Tennessee. I have no ties to Tennessee; I was raised in Georgia. My family is from South Carolina. So, I really have no ties, at all, to Tennessee, but I just felt like it was something that God wanted me to do. I did it, and it went great.


Parlé Mag: That’s awesome! Now, “You Waited” is the first single from your forthcoming live album, Crossover: Live from Music City. What stood out to you about this project to make you want to do it live?
Travis Greene: Well, I think I’m just better live. [laughs] I sing and perform better based on adrenaline. So, for me, that was really what made me do it. When I did The Hill with “Intentional” and “Made A Way”, that was recorded live, in Charlotte, North Carolina. That’s why I did it live because I just think I do a better job with a crowd in front of me.


Parlé Mag: How do you feel about your growth as an artist in the industry, at this point? I mean, that’s pretty big to move numbers like that in such a short time period with the single.
Travis Greene: Man! It’s something that you could never get used to. It’s breathtaking and very humbling to know that anyone would support the music that I do. So, I enjoy it. It’s always a blessing to see it encouraging and inspiring other people.


Parlé Mag: You’ve maintained a great amount of success within the ten years you’ve been in the Gospel game. For any artist, especially Gospel artists, there is always that stereotypical expectation that the second album won’t do as well as the first or the third album won’t do as well as the second. Has that ever been a fear of yours? If so, how did you conquer that fear?
Travis Greene: Yeah! I’m human, so it was definitely a natural pressure to do well, this time around. The way it was conquered, honestly, what happened was, while I was preparing the album, I went to RCA Inspiration, in Nashville, and it’s a tradition of mine to always perform, ahead of time, for the staff there. I just want them to hear what I’m up to, get a take on it. So, I did it, in New York, with the first album, and I did, in Nashville, with this album. I’m glad I did it because it’s very encouraging, for me. One of the guys on staff there named Jeremy, he told me, “Don’t feel like you have to redo “Made A Way”.” He said, “That was a moment in time, and that’s what made it so special. Let us hear what God is telling you right now, today. What is the message for today? Don’t worry about yesterday, and don’t worry about having to do a two-point-o of what was.” That, for me, was very liberating. So, I went from there just really refreshed and more confident in that whatever I hear God saying will be fine enough to release. 


Parlé Mag: Wow, that’s amazing. God has really been taking you places this year. You also took home seven awards at this year’s Stellar Awards! In that moment, what were your exact thoughts?
Travis Greene: I mean, it’s one of those things where you’re kind of inside of the dream. Even if I’m performing in front of a lot of people or on a major platform, I don’t really reflect until after. I just kind of be in the moment, and whatever happens will play out. You know, instead of writing anything downthe thank yous and stuff, I just like to really come from my heart, because I like being an authentic guy. So, whatever happens, just happens. That’s kind of what my experience was there. Whatever came to my mind, in the end, I just had fun and enjoyed it.


Parlé Mag: I know that had to be a wonderful feeling. What has been your greatest achievements so far, and why?
Travis Greene: Aw, man. Marriage and my two boys.


Parlé Mag: Aw!
Travis Greene: That has been the greatest achievement yet, for me. Why? Because, in this day and age, a Godly marriage is really difficult to find and keep. 

Travis Greene family
Parlé Mag: 
I agree!
Travis Greene: It’s something that I’ve been very proud of. My wife and I have an amazing relationship; we’re best friends. I’m just really proud of my boys. I was just reflecting last night on the fact that I’ve outlived my father by five years. He died when he was twenty-eight. So, it’s really significant to me to be able to see. My oldest son is the age that my youngest sister was when my dad died. So, it’s just really significant to be able to see these moments and to cherish them, watch them grow, to teach them. My oldest son loves music; so, it’s fun to watch him play instruments and stuff. That, for me, is a far better achievement than anything else.


Parlé Mag: I love it! So, aside from family, I can almost assume that being in this business has its ups and downs. You’re constantly under a microscope for everything that you do. Just like recently, you gained a lot of criticism for your decision to perform at Trump’s inaugural event. So, in situations like that, where you want to use your platform to get your message and your voice across to all people, but, on the other hand, you have people telling you what you shouldn’t do or what’s not right, how do you handle that?
Travis Greene: Yeah! You know, I didn’t let it get to me; I’ma be very honest with you. Most of it, I ignored. A lot of people go looking for negativity [laughs] I’m not one of those people. I didn’t even see, probably, half of whatever negativity. Forget half, I didn’t even see a tiny percentage of it. What was cool was I was already on a social media fast. So, I didn’t even have any of my social media going for a month anyway. I missed whatever that people said it was. From what I’ve been told, there was way more positive feedback than negative. I don’t take stuff like that to heart. It’s people’s opinions. I just pray that they do what they’re supposed to do with their assignment. I don’t have to answer to them when it’s all said and done; I have to answer to God, and He’ll ask me did I do what He told me to do. That trumpsno pun intended, any other opinions.


Parlé Mag: Do you feel that the Gospel industry is more challenging for artists who sing music more on the contemporary side than it is for those who sing traditional music?
Travis Greene: Uh, nah. I think it’s an equal challenge. Nowadays, I think people are looking for more, more than just music. They’re looking for authenticity; they’re looking for consistency. That stuff matters to people now. Back in the day, you could have a great song and be a jerk, and people didn’t care because you had a great song. Now, if you’re a jerk, people are like, “Man, I don’t like this!” [laughs] So, I think those things matter more now, to people, and music is way more accessible now. So, you have to have more than just music. It’s just way more accessible. So, what’s the niche? What is it that’s going to make you stand out? I think that has to be your consistency, on and off the platform.


Parlé Mag: As Travis Greene, how do you want your music and your ministry to represent you as an artist and as a man of God?
Travis Greene: The biggest representation and opinion matters in my home. The Bible talks, like, how can you go around and spread a message or paraphrase it without being able to even manage your own home? Like, what is that? So, that’s my first ministry. If I fail there, then, man, I might as well burn every Stellar, every Grammy, and every other award. None of that stuff matters if I fail at home. That’s the mountaintop. I want my legacy to be one of integrity, and I want my boys and my wife to be proud that the man who left home to do ministry came back and was the same person. That matters more than anything.


Parlé Mag: What next for you?
Travis Greene: I’m actually on a world tour. The new song, “You Waited”, and the album will be out in August. So, I’m really, really, really excited about that as well. Like I said, I’m on a world tour, so I’m kind of traveling all over. I’m just having a great time!


Catch Travis Greene on social media:
Twitter: @TravisGreeneTV
Instagram: @TravisGreeneTV

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