Nicole Alexander Has Come A Long Way Since Our First Introduction

With Multiple Entrepreneurial Endeavors, Nicole Alexander Shifts Dialogue to Business Savvy

Pint sized reality star, Nicole Alexander is rebranding herself, one project at a time.  Though small is stature, she has taken her career by the reins and is on the path to staking a new giant claim to her name.


Reality TV star veteran Nicole Alexander was introduced to the world back in the early 2000s on the hit love show Flavor of Love. The Southern belle, better known by her nickname Hoopz, and ended up stealing the heart of Hip-Hop Mogul Flavor Flav and walking away with the coveted golden grillz. In the end, Nicole and Flav didn’t feel a true love connection and the two announced that they would remain as friends on the reunion show.


Being thrown into the spotlight of reality television opened the flood gates for ridicule and judgment. The cruelty Nicole endured forced her to grow tough skin. “If I was going to make it in this business, I had to learn to ignore it all and focus on me,” she admits. Her drive to succeed and show the world that she wasn’t all the negative things that people were saying, has led her to become a successful entrepreneur.

Nicole Alexander
She starred in the reality show It Takes A Sister which allowed fans to see a completely different side to her. She wanted to show the world her true colors and provide an opportunity for her family to also make a way for themselves.  Nicole soon found out that family members aren’t always the easiest people to work with or please either.

After the show ended, Nicole focused on her passion for directing and producing. She is currently working on a paranormal activity show where she and a crew visit haunted sites in and around her home state of Tennessee. This ghost hunting project is special to Alexander because it highlights her special gift of being able to read energy and people. Admittedly, she is able to experience forces not seen by the naked eye. She doesn’t consider herself a clairvoyant, but she does acknowledge her gift and uses it when making decisions about the people she interacts with and the opportunities she takes on.

Nicole Alexander

Along with the soon to be released television show, Nicole Alexander will be launching a new champagne and wine collection. Simply titled, Nicole Alexander Wines & Champagne,  Alexander came up with the idea to create her own champagne and wine collection after being approached to be the face of another brand.  “I made sure to have majority say so on the creation of the product,” she explained.  “I don’t want to be one of those who puts their name on just anything.” The collection will be distributed to various stores this month.  She will be doing a 15 city tour with dates and city names coming soon.

Additionally, her new interactive game app, titled “Survival of the Fittest”, is one that she she super excited about. Nicole wanted to tap into a market that not many women are a part of. Using her competitive spirit, she was able to construct a game that is best described as Zelda meets Minecraft. The Survival of the Fittest app will be released for iOS and Android phones at the end of September.


Google searching for Nicole Alexander will bring up past relationships, made up rumors and misconceptions that people think about the star.  In reality, she is using her entrepreneurial career to change the way she is viewed and give fans a chance to get to know the real her.

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