Mary J. Blige’s Ex Wants $130K A Month To Continue Living The Lifestyle He’s Used To

Kendu Isaacs

The Mary J. Separation Gets Ugly With Kendu Isaacs Asking For $130K A Month In Spousal Support

Something in the air is causing celebrity couples to split across the spectrum. From Brangelina to AubRih, even legends are feeling the heat. R&B/Soul legend, Mary J. Blige, recently filed for divorce from her long time husband and manager Kendu Isaacs after 12 years of marriage. The couple has no children and although the cause of the split is unknown, Blige thanks family, friends and fans for the love and support.

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However, her ex is demanding more. Kendu wants racks on top of racks of green in spousal support—$130K a month to be exact. The couple had signed a prenup back in 2003, but Issacs is looking to get that clause removed. Even though Isaacs has earned his fair share of paper from managing his wife’s music career, it is worthy to note that she was in fact the breadwinner in the relationship.

After filing for divorce, Blige fired Isaacs as her manager and left him with “no source of income”. He believes the prenup should not be validated since he signed it without a lawyer present. Kendu also believes that $130K a month is a good amount of money to help him upkeep the lifestyle he had become so used to living while being married to R&B royalty. Not only does Isaacs want his ex wife to pay for private chefs and his personal trainer, but he also expects her to pay his rent, child support from previous relationships and a monthly allowance he gives to his parents. Trust me, the list doesn’t stop there. He expects her to pay for attorney fees, contribute to charities he supports and even contribute to his own groceries.

Although Blige was a successful artist before their marriage and sold over 300,000 copies of her Love & Life album in its first week, the last project before he took over her career, Isaacs defends his demands and claims that her career skyrocketed after he became her manager. He also says that his ex wife knows about the unfair prenup since she had already given him money in spousal support, which he has already spent. So far, Blige has made no comments and the official date of their separation is “to be determined”.

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