Actor Quentin Plair of BET’s “The Quad” – Talented & On The Rise

Meet Actor Quentin Plair

The face of Quentin Plair may be new to some, but the rising actor has been paying his dues.  Making his first appearance in Drumline: A New Beat and now appearing as Miles Thrumond in BET’s “The Quad”, Quentin Plair has a face you should get used to, because he’s talented and on the rise.

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Parlé Mag:  Growing up in Hartford, Connecticut, what are some of the memories you cherished as a kid?
Quentin Plair:  I actually only lived in Connecticut until I was 7, but there was a hill right by my house so in the winter I can remember sledding down the hill after it snowed and my cousins from Georgia coming up to visit and sledding with me and my sister.

Parlé Mag:  In elementary, middle and high school, what were you like? Did you know at those times that you wanted to act?
Quentin Plair:  I think I was a pretty good kid growing up and I always had it in the back of my mind but back then I either thought I was going to the NBA or the NFL depending on the age.

Parlé Mag:  Before becoming an actor/model, what were you doing prior to becoming a TV star?
Quentin Plair:  Firstly, I don’t consider myself to be a “TV star” in the slightest. But to answer your question I’ve played sports my whole life. Basketball, soccer, football, track, I played everything I could growing up and in college at UNC I played football.

Parlé Mag:  
Your career in acting jump-started in 2011. Tell us about your first tv role and about the project as a whole.
Quentin Plair:  Well my fist role was Drumline 2 which was really interesting because like most people around my age, I grew up loving the first Drumline, so I was excited to be in the sequel. It was also interesting because the role I was cast in was a closeted homosexual football player. I knew the role would be a challenge but in my acting career I’ve always wanted to be challenged and not take the easy way out in role selection.

Parlé Mag:  How did you prepare for that role?
Quentin Plair:  It was a challenge approaching the role. But I prepared as I would in any other role. You have to find common ground between you and the character. I wanted to get in the mindset of someone who was pressured to be someone they truly weren’t and how it would be tough to fight expectations of who you should be according to other people.

Quentin Plair
Parlé Mag:  
As you grow as an actor and model in the entertainment industry, what types of roles do you see yourself playing more of?
Quentin Plair:  I’d like to play as many roles as I can. Firstly, I’d love to continue playing the role of Miles because I think there is so much more I can explore with the character. There are so many roles I’d like to play in the future: soldiers, lawyers, police, period pieces. Honestly, things are so limitless with this profession, which is one of the reasons I love it so much.

Parlé Mag:  How did land your role as the frat brother Miles on BET’s “The Quad”?
Quentin Plair:  Auditioning.  The casting director George Pierre had casted me in a few other movies and shows so when “The Quad” came along they (George Pierres Casting Office) sent me a few roles before finally finding the right fit with Miles.

Parlé Mag:  What can fans expect from Miles in the remainder of the first season of “The Quad”? Will Sydney and Miles ever quit their cat and mouse game?
Quentin Plair:  As the season ends there is a lot up in the air with Miles and Sydney, people will have to continue to tune in if season 2 comes back there may be a rekindling.

Parlé Mag:  Where do they film some of the scenes of “The Quad”?
Quentin Plair:  They film most of the Quad around the AUC and my scenes which were at the frat house was a home just a little away from the campuses.

Parlé Mag:  While working on set, who are the coolest people to hang with while on set of “The Quad”?
Quentin Plair:  I actually got pretty close with all of the Frat brothers and have continued to work with them on projects outside of “The Quad”. Also I enjoyed spending time with Jazz (Sydney) often our scenes would be the last of the day so once everyone else got wrapped we would be the last two standing.

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