Actor Tom Williamson Is Pushing The Envelope, One Role At A Time

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Rising Actor Tom Williamson Talks Pushing His Limits In Hollywood & Latest Film, Running Wild

Actor Tom Williamson made his debut onto the acting scene almost five years ago, and he’s been successfully racking up the TV credits ever since. You may have gotten your formal introduction to Williamson through his role as AJ Hensdale, in ABC Family’s (now known as Freeform) hit show, The Fosters. However, the USC graduate has been building his own stairway to success, climbing his way up through Hollywood for quite some time.

Hailing from the great Washington, DC, Tom Williamson has always had a love for the theatrical arts. Though most of his high school career involved sports, Williamson participated in his school’s musical theater program. After graduating in 2008, he went straight to college, attending the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California. In 2012, he attained a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media Studies. This was only the start of bigger and better things. Not long after, Williamson booked his first role in the 2013 film,
All Cheerleaders Die.

Since then, the actor’s accomplishments only seem to be getting lengthier. Williamson has been seen in some of the most popular TV series, such as
Criminal Minds, So Awkward, and Switched At Birth—to name a few. His latest achievement happens to be his newest film, Running Wild. The D.C. native starred alongside veteran actress Sharon Stone.

As a rising actor, Williamson’s only goal is to keep pushing the envelope. We’d like to think that he’s doing a great job at that already.

Check out our exclusive interview with Tom Williamson below…


Parlé Mag: Before I get into your recent film, could you tell us a little bit about how it all began for you?
Tom Williamson: Yeah! My life in the acting world began about five years ago. I had finished university at USC—University of Southern California. I went up to San Francisco and I did a summer program. I did their repertory theater to get some training, and I came back down to L.A. Within my fifth audition, I booked the lead in this movie called All Cheerleaders Die. It’s just been kind of rolling along since then.


Parlé Mag: So, how do you feel you’ve grown, creatively, since the start of your career?
Tom Williamson: So much more humility and love than before. I came from a sports background. That was very competitive; it was me against my competition. Now, it’s more of a ‘take it day-by-day’ thing. Be empathetic, be loving. No matter what the circumstance is. Each creative gift is beyond us. It lives within us, but it comes from somewhere else.


Parlé Mag: Running Wild happens to be one of your latest films. This is sort of a different type of role for you. What is it about this character, DeBrickshaw Smithson, that you think intrigues the viewers?
Tom Williamson: I think it’s his heart. I think it’s something we see in all of the characters, but this guy is painted in a certain way. He’s a prisoner, and what the horses reveal him to be is completely different and very refreshing in my eyes.


Tom Williamson
Tom Williamson in a scene from ‘Running Wild’

Parlé Mag:
Taking it back to what I said about this being a ‘different type of role for you’. How do you feel this role really displays your versatility as an actor?
Tom Williamson: Well, I can ride a horse!


Parlé Mag: [laughs] So, was this your first time working with live animals on a movie set? If so, how was that?
Tom Williamson: It was interesting! They played their part.


Parlé Mag: As an actor, what do you enjoy about portraying different characters and filming in new settings?
Tom Williamson: When I look at people, I see books, I see stories that comply with that person. So, I think it’s really exhilarating to be able to study another human being and then do my best to embody that. I get a rush.


Parlé Mag: As someone who’s had their hands in both the TV series and film arena, what motivates you to challenge yourself and really step outside of your comfort zone?
Tom Williamson: I think just knowing that that’s what I’m happy with; It’s pretty simple. If I’m not pushing myself, I get pretty down on myself. It makes me happy to push myself and stretch my boundaries. Whether it’s on a film or TV set, if I’m just saying the lines, if I’m just doing what I’m supposed to be doing, that’s no fun. It actually makes me depressed. So, that’s what keeps me motivated.


Parlé Mag: What’s on the roster for you over the next few months? Any new projects?
Tom Williamson: Right now, no. I did a few episodes of this TV show, Idiotsitter, on Comedy Central. So, that will be coming out later this year. In terms of film, no.


Stay up to date with Tom Williamson on social media:
Twitter: @tswilliamsoniii
Instagram: @tomswilliamson


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