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A Brief Introduction To Vanessa Posso, aka ‘Nessa Colombiana’

Well, it looks like ‘Omeeka’ is officially a thing of the past. Over the weekend, we learned that Meek Mill had allegedly gotten himself a new boo, model-designer, Vanessa Posso, also known as ‘Nessa Colombiana‘.  As told by TMZ, the two have been dating for about a month now, and Posso was in attendance for Mill’s big birthday bash in the Caribbean a few weeks ago. This past Friday, the pair were also seen in Dubai, celebrating Arab Fashion Week together. Neither has denied or confirmed the rumors, but we guess it’s safe to say that they are at least in sort of ‘situationship’ until proven otherwise.

However, if you thought of Vanessa Posso as just another trophy girlfriend, you thought wrong. The New York native is a bonafide boss chick in her own right, garnering a worldwide clientele through her thriving jewelry line, Rich Girlz, a collection of custom-made earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces. With pieces worn by renowned celebrities, such as Lauren London, Draya Michele, and even Trey Songz, Posso has turned her passion into her paycheck, building a lucrative business, all on the account of her undying love for jewelry and accessories. Working her way to the peak of the entrepreneurial world, the businesswoman/fashion designer is making power moves, all across the board. Here’s a brief introduction to Miss. Vanessa Posso…

A young girl from the ‘Big Apple’ with a keen eye for the fancier things in life, as an adolescent, Posso became fascinated with the bedazzle of big hoops and bulky chains. Who would’ve thought that her fascination would lead her to her fate? At just the age of twenty-two, Posso decided to make a career out of her calling. She knew what she wanted and she did everything in her power to get it. Taking craft classes to learn the creative basics behind the business, Posso spent much time nurturing her idea before putting it into motion. In only a matter of a few years, she went from being a mom with a dream to a mom with a plan, and, now, a full-blown MOMpreneur.

Rich Girlz serves as a way for Posso to provide quality pieces to complement your wardrobe. The collection features everything from stylish body chains to chokers, some specially made with stainless steel and gold dipped. Though considerably inexpensive, Posso sets out to offer Rich Girlz customers a ‘high-end’ look without breaking their pockets. Growing her consumer base, piece by piece, Posso has built an empire worthwhile. An empire that has taken much dedication-blood, sweat, and tears. Her only hopes are to instill that same hard work and hustle into her daughter, Jada Milan

The single mother created the Jada Milan Collection, picked and designed by her six-year-old daughter, Little Miss. Jada Milan, herself. The collection includes everything from fashionable jackets, tops, and bottoms to kids’ jewelry and more.

With over 70K on her daughter’s clothing line’s Instagram and 479K on her own, Posso’s following grows on a daily. She hopes to be a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs within today’s youth, leading by example with everything that she does. She successfully took her business from nothing to something, proving that anything is possible.

Aside from her life as a girl boss, she also dabbles in modeling as well. When Posso is not picking out designs for her newest products, she enjoys being home with her daughter and spending time with friends and family.

A mother and a CEO, life has really taken Vanessa Posso places, and we’re quite sure that her ride isn’t over just yet.


Keep up with Vanessa Posso on social media:

Instagram: @itsrgnessa / @itsrichgirlz / @jadamilan


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