Vince Staples Is Willing to ‘Shut the F*** Up Forever’ for Two Million Dollars

Vince Staples Has Started a New Fundraiser, and You Won’t Believe What It’s for…

Long Beach rapper Vince Staples is tired of the critics. In his reaction to the recent feedback, Staples has started a GoFundMe page to promote all of his haters to #GTFOMD, which means “Get the F*** Off My D***” or help Staples raise two million dollars to shut him up forever. The two million dollars will be enough cash for him to disappear and not be heard from again.

“We’ve got a lot of complaints about our recent show performances, energy on stage, production choice; I think one person said, ‘It sounds like we’re rapping on robot video game beats.’ We would like to apologize for that,” Staples states in a video on the campaign page.

Then the member of The Cutthroat Boyz gave an alternative for the critics.

Staples go on to explain, “On, you can decide to donate to the cause of two million, which will allow me to shut the f*** up forever, and you will never hear from me again. No songs, no interviews, no anything. If not, you can choose to let me do what the f*** I want to do, when I want to do it. Get off of my d*** or fund my lifestyle. The choice is yours. Either way, we appreciate you.”

The capital will allow the rapper to move to Palmdale, California, buy a Honda, help his homies locked down with soups, and purchase a puppy. The make of the Honda or the type of dog has not been disclosed to us.

To follow up with the campaign, Vince Staples released a new song titled ‘Get The Fuck Off My Dick’. This new track is a diss to the critics. At the release of this song, the campaign had raised around $1000.

Vince Staples released his second solo album Big Fish Theory in 2017 and recently wrapped a tour up with Tyler, The Creator. Staples is expecting to perform on the main stage of Coachella next month.

Check the new Vince Staples track on streaming services and if you want to see him shut up donate to Staples GoFundMe page.

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