Get Ready For Shondaland 2.0 On Netflix, Details Revealed On New Shows


For most of the world, it has been a grueling summer. A summer full of reruns, uninteresting time passing shows, sweat and outdoor activities. If you are anything like me and you hate “the outdoors”, it is time for a new show. A show by someone who has proven their mind is the thing creative binge watching weekends are made of. A show produced by a person who reminded us to stand in the sun, not to be desperate, how to maintain employment as a murderer, and of course how to hang around hospitals because they bring the drama. You need a show from the soul of a woman named Shonda, from the Shondaland laboratory.

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Now that we’ve got that out of the way… let’s just be clear there will not be one show. Who lives their life checking for ‘one show’?  As a matter of fact, THERE WILL BE 8 SHOWS!!! Plus, all of the content will be available on Netflix for viewing at your leisure (say that part with a French accent and sip some wine). And, the content being bestowed upon us, is the holy grail of diversifying your interests. This newer, busier version of Shondaland is a place where, “we expand the types of stories we tell… and make their best work…” And in 2018 I think we are all here for everyone to live their best life.

It has been about a year since the news broke about the $150 Million, multi-year deal with Shonda and Netflix. Although she will continue feeding our established TGIT habits on ABC, some of her newer productions will consist of strong female character stories. With the partnered power of Betsy Beers, Shondaland is going to remind us just how interesting female led casts can be. Although some of the shows remain unnamed they all have their base storyline from a variety of literary works. I’m talking high society romance, workplace gender discrimination, pre-war Mexican California, secrets of the White House, and post apocalyptic female campers. And just like a 3 a.m. infomercial, that is not all!

Any show coming from the hands of the woman who single handedly revamped the network known for, “phone a friend”, is a show for me. And the change in creative direction will be something refreshing to look forward to. Rhimes conveyed to the Netflix content officers that she had no intent of doing another Grey’s Anatomy type of show. I mean, who likes eating the same slice of cold pizza everyday anyway?

What’s more important is the money train that is sure to follow an amusement park such as Shondaland. It is not a secret that Netflix makes its money off of subscribers, similar to companies like Amazon, and Hulu. And a trusted name like Shonda Rhimes is a dead ringer to sell those subscriptions (and hopefully keep the prices from increasing, again). Especially after their disappointing second quarter this year. Although their earnings were higher than expected, their subscriber increase was a little short. (Just a small million off of the 6.2 million mark.)

Looking forward let’s hope the Shonda ride has a long and healthy, 20 episode a season, revenue building life with Netflix.

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