Mick Jenkins Releases New Music, Album Coming October 26th

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Dynamic storyteller, Mick Jenkins is back with a few new singles as he gets listeners prepped for his forthcoming album, Pieces of a Man, set to be released on October 26th.

Pieces of a Man is a follow-up to Jenkins’ 2016 release, The Healing Component.

Earlier this month Mick released the lead single, “Understand”.  The song’s accompanying video is directed by Nick Walker and tells the stories of multiple generations of men through the passing down of wisdom to one another.  Watch the music video below.

More recently the emcee released the new singles, “Padded Locks” and “Barcelona”, also featured on the album.

Mick Jenkins Pieces of a Man Tracklist

  1. Heron Flow
  2. Stress Fracture
  3. Gwendolynn’s Apprehension
  4. Soft Porn
  5. Grace and Mercy
  6. Barcelona
  7. Percy Interlude
  8. Reginald
  9. Padded Locks
  10. Ghost
  11. Heron Flow 2
  12. Plain Clothes
  13. Pull Up
  14. Consensual Seduction
  15. U Turn
  16. Understood
  17. Smoking Song

Pre-order Pieces of a Man Here.

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