How to Stand Out from the Crowd and Attract a Woman’s Attention

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When it comes to getting a date, there’s an awful lot of competition. If you want to enjoy any kind of success and not go home alone too often, you’re going to need to stand out from the crowd. You might be interested to learn it takes a little more than a series of smooth chat up lines or a fancy wardrobe. There are a few skills you need to learn if you want to make any kind of lasting impression and attract a woman’s attention.

  1. Be Yourself

Women find confident men very attractive. Even if this side of you is deep down inside, it is there somewhere, and you need to learn how to bring it out. You might want to try something called the cold approach to improve your confidence and to start endearing more women to you.

  1. Think About Your Body Language

Before you get a chance to say anything, your body language is already saying a lot about you. Ideally, you need to be giving off an air of confidence rather than one that’s submissive or apologetic.

  1. Have a Plan of What You’re Going to Say

Before you approach any woman, think long and hard about what you’re going to say. Make a list of the different ways you could start a conversation and practice.

  1. Take Control of the Situation

You’ll be more respected if you take control. There are times when she’s going to test you and you need to be able to react in a positive way.

  1. Be Certain They’re Interested

If you’re really not sure that they’re interested you have two choices. Move on to someone else or risk having your heart broken. Sometimes, you may have to just cut and run.

  1. When to Ask for Her Number

If you’re getting on well you shouldn’t need to ask for her number, she will be more than happy to provide it. If she doesn’t, then the best time to ask is when you’re about to leave. Ask for her email or social media username first and then ask for her number as an extra snippet of information. You might find this hard for the first few times, but it’ll soon become second nature.

  1. Don’t Feel the Need to Fill the Silence

Pauses in conversation can feel awkward and the temptation is to fill these gaps with inane conversation. You don’t need to be constantly looking to say things that impress her or make her laugh.

  1. Don’t be Boring

To stand out from the crowd, you need to be different. As a human race, we tend not to pay attention to things that are boring, so you need to be interesting and engaging.

  1. Don’t be Too Eager

You’re not going to be very attractive if you throw yourself at her within five minutes of meeting her. You’re coming across as being too available and desperate. Women love the thrill of the chase just as much as men so aim to play it cool and not be too interested. You might be surprised at the effect it has.

Follow these tips and you’ll enjoy more success when it comes to dating women.

Photo by Shelby Cohron on Unsplash

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