Tekashi 6ix9ine Is Accepting The 5K Motion And Is Pleading Guilty

6ix9ine is accepting the 5k motion

It’s as if we were talking about Tekashi 69 rapid rise to fame yesterday. Him reaching the top with the help of his music, trolling and shenanigans. Well, the former King of New York has made bigger news. 6ix9ine is accepting the 5K Motion and is pleading guilty to the charges upon him.

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Since November, rapper Tekashi 69 has been sitting in a federal cell because his crew and he has been indicted on the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, or R.I.C.O. law. This law puts any organization into federal courtrooms because they deem them not living up to society standards. Since being locked up he is hearing bad news about his crew and associates. The media is reporting that his crew was stealing from him, the same clique was plotting to kill him, and his affiliates was sleeping with his baby mother. So the blood gang rapper has now switched to a government informant.  I could imagine him telling the dukes, as he signs his 5K Motion contract, to tell his crew to “**** ** ****.”

The 5K Motion is a regular tactic for the feds. If you don’t know you will know that 5K Motion is also known as the snitch law. The FBI dangle the notion that a person under arrest is liable to get 20 years or more in prison if they fail to cooperate. It is one of the reasons why the FBI has a conviction rate of over 90%. This tactic works a charm on a non-solid individual. As if the FBI can sentence you to prison. They are not the judge who makes the final decision. Then again, Mr. 69 did proclaim that he was scared of the feds in his second interview with the Breakfast Club.

Without a doubt, rapper Tekashi 69 is deciding to plead guilty but will be giving up information on his crew and activities for a reduced sentence. He caught a case, told on his crew and still will be sitting in a cell. I am not mad at him. He brought Brooklyn back after Bobby Shmurda. Beside the snitching Tekashi embodied Brooklyn and New York City. He showed it was more to Brooklyn then gentrification.

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