Best Primitive Camping Spots in America

Camping gives families and holiday-makers a chance to unplug from the hustle and bustle and experience nature. However, as it gains in popularity, many campsites find themselves awash with visitors and offer a noisy and crowded experience. For those wishing to find a more authentic experience, primitive camping is well worth a go.

What is Primitive Camping?

Primitive camping is when you find yourself without neighbors, electricity, running water, bathroom facilities and sometimes even cell service. In this scenario, you are left to fend completely for yourself. Primitive camping really gets you out into the wilderness. Most often it requires a hike of some sort, and then campers are left to find a spot on which to pitch your tent. If you are a family, primitive camping can really give your kids the freedom to run about and explore without the fear of upsetting other campers.

What you need for Primitive Camping

Without any amenities it’s crucial you are fully prepared for primitive camping. Your number one priority is shelter. You will need a reliable tent which you should look to pitch in a sheltered position.

Water is the second most important thing to think about. If you need to hike to your location, then you may want to consider choosing a spot near a fresh water source, and taking a filter bottle with you to save you carrying heavy water around. Remember water is not only needed for drinking, but also for cleaning up after meals and washing — so you will need a fair bit.

Make sure you can make a fire. Know the rules in your chosen spot for lighting fires and make sure you put safety first. Have everything you need with you to light the fire and ensure that it is not prohibited to burn the wood in that area.

Take a first aid kit. Remember that you will be far away from civilization, and time spent in the great outdoors is much more likely to result in minor injuries, so it’s always good to be prepared.

Bring plenty of food and snacks and make sure you have cooking equipment like these mess kits to hand.

Don’t rely on your phone or GPS as often there is little or no signal in primitive camping spots. It is prudent to take a compass and map with you.

Where to Go Primitive Camping

Now that you know what to take, you need to find a place where you can get away from the crowds and really become one with nature.

  • Picnic Key Beach Camping, Everglades National Park, Florida: here the only sound disturbing the peace in this wildlife habitat is the abundant birdsong. Gather wood for your beach fire while you explore all the fresh and saltwater waterways on offer.
  • Olympic Coast, Olympic National Park, Washington: here rocky beaches are flanked by ancient forests and the crashing waves of the Pacific.
  • Great Sand Dunes, Colorado: sleep under the stars in complete isolation on the highest sand dunes in North America.



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