Creative Date Nights You Can Do At Home [5 Romantic Ideas]

Staying in doesn’t have to mean date nights are any less romantic. Check out these five fresh and creative date night ideas that you can do at your own home.

Keeping your relationship healthy is essential. It takes work and commitment from both people, but it’s worth it!

No matter how much we want to work on being a great partner, it’s not always easy. Life gets busy, especially when you have a lot of responsibilities. 

And let’s face it, for many of us, the first thing to get pushed to the side is our relationship. It’s never on purpose, but it happens. Bills and lack of babysitters are two of the main obstacles that prevent many couples from spending more time together.

With a little creativity, these challenges are easy to overcome, though! Here are five ways to have an inexpensive date night in the comfort of your own home — without the TV!


1. Play Games

A vital element of every relationship is the ability to have fun together and be playful. 

Dealing with responsibilities every day is a serious business. With your partner, you should be able to relax, unwind, and be silly. Playing games is a great way to do this naturally.

Do you both like strategy? Action? Humor? Mindless fun? 

There are many different types of games. Whatever you’re interested in, you can find a game to play. 

Board games are increasing in popularity again today as manufacturers release trending titles. 

You and your partner might like the traditional, but updated, games of Monopoly and Life. Or the more close-to-home game Pandemic for some world-saving strategic thinking.

If you both agree on video games, try to keep the theme light-hearted on your date night. Almost every gaming console has a version of Mario Bros. or video board games you can interact together on. Try to stick with games you can have fun with and be slightly competitive or work as a team to win.

Card games are another fun way to relax. Basic traditional cards include games like poker, Rummy, and Spades. But you can always kick it up and buy a set of Uno, Phase-Ten, or Skip-Bo. 

Date nights are the perfect time to get to know each other more. You can do this in a fun way through couples question and answer games, like ChatPack and You Think You Know Me.

Whatever game you pick, use the time to have fun and recharge from the stresses of the day. Keep the conversation light and relax!


2. Have a Spa Night

Heading to the spa for a romantic day for two can be pricey. But you can have a similar experience in the comfort of your own home with a little planning ahead.

Of course, you’ll need to set the relaxing mood in the room, so start by dimming the lights and lighting some candles. Find some peaceful music to play in the background. Nature sounds or classical music are popular spa ambient noise.

A facial is one way to start the treatment. You’ll need a face mask appropriate for your skin type, a sink, and towels to clean off with. 

Most face masks need at least 10 to 15 minutes to set, so while you’re waiting, pull out a foot spa and soak. Sprinkle some  fragrant beads in the bathwater to add to the sensation of relaxation.

What spa day would be complete with a massage? 

Set up a surface space where you can take turns giving each other a relaxing massage with moisturizing oil.

Spa date nights give you a chance to unwind from the stress of the day together without spending a fortune.


3. Cook a Fancy Meal Together

It’s lovely to go to a restaurant and let someone else do the cooking and cleanup. But that’s not always possible. Still, you might find that doing something as ordinary as cooking dinner together can be fun!

First, make sure you’re both on board with the work required. When one person is doing all the prep, cooking, and cleaning, it can become an argument instead of togetherness.

Then, decide on a recipe ahead of time and shop for the ingredients. Be sure to throw in some candles, a nice tablecloth, and a little vase of flowers to set the mood. Don’t forget the ambient romantic music in the background.

When it’s time for date night, work together to make the food and set the table while it’s cooking. Clean up as you go. 

Make it a rule to only talk about each other, not your job, kids, or any responsibilities. Take the time to get to know the other person all over again.


4. Learn a New Hobby

Maybe you’ve wanted to take up painting or another form of art, but you don’t want to do it yourself. Talk to your partner and see what hobbies they’re interested in and if they’d like to learn the ones you do, too.

There are many different lessons you can get for just about anything you want to learn. You can take up dancing or play a new instrument from watching DIY videos online or buying lessons.

Find an activity you both want to explore and start there. You might not like it, or one of you might rather do something else. No worries!

It just means you’ll need more date nights to keep trying new hobbies or perfecting the one you do enjoy!


5. Write a Bucket List

The average person talks about things on their “bucket list,” but they don’t actually have a written plan. They just mean that there are places they want to visit or activities they want to do before it’s too late. 

If it’s not written down, though, the odds are less likely for it to happen.

It could be fun and eye-opening to sit down and make a bucket list together of things you’d like to do as a couple. As you’re brainstorming, make three columns: a five-year, ten-year, and retirement bucket list.

Once you’ve finished, pick one thing from the five-year column and create a detailed plan to make it happen. This could take a few date nights to enact fully — and that’s the idea!



Don’t let the challenges of not being able to leave the home stop you from keeping romance alive. Instead, use one of these creative date night ideas to reconnect with your partner and relax!

Instead, use one of these creative date night ideas to reconnect with your partner and relax!


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