Smile for the Camera: 10 Celebrity Smile Transformations

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A sparkly set of whites is the window to the soul, or at least to Hollywood stardom. Not surprising as a celebrity smile are huge parts of their brands.

Dental cosmetic surgery has been a thing for a very long time. Celebrities have the easiest access to these dental services and are known to take the most advantages. Even some you never thought would! Here are 10 celebrity smile transformations you might not have guessed.

Cardi B

Like she proclaims in her hit song Bodak Yellow, “Know you prolly heard of me Got a bag and fixed my teeth” and we can take her word for it. Her crooked teeth were always part of her charm, but Cardi has traded them in for a whitened straighter look which supports her new It Girl image.

Tom Cruise

A household name with the most perfect teeth you’d think he was born with. Everyone knows Tom for his award-winning acting and beautiful smile. Both of which come with being a Hollywood superstar.

Zac Efron

Most know him best from his “High School Musical” days. This now grown childhood favorite definitely had some teeth work done. A bit of straightening and whitening that complete his swoon-worthy aesthetic

Jordyn Woods

The ex-best friend of Kylie Jenner who is now known for her fitness and modeling journey has made this list as well. From the adorable childhood gap at the beginning of her career to a closed, perfectly white set.

George Clooney

Your mom’s favorite actor probably owes his celebrity smile to his cosmetic dentist. Known as one of the people that tend to grind his teeth when anxious, this was more than just a cosmetic bit.

50 Cent

One of the most famous rappers of our time. 50 cent used to have a gapped front tooth, which he decided to get fixed after being called out in a song. He kept it very natural, as he still wanted to look like himself.

Kylie Jenner

The cosmetic queen and owner of a billion-dollar empire. cosmetic teeth surgery should be the least we expect from Ms. Jenner. While her untouched teeth were fair and pretty, she has shown to have the cleanest tooth inspiration.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson’s smile was like any other young superstar before she decided for a little maintenance. Some whitening and straightening have completed her already beautiful features. 

Niall Horan

The One Direction star, a teen when introduced to the singing world, was known for his braces most of his career. Taken them off has only made him 100x cuter.

Justin Bieber

A true international sweetheart, with access to some of the best periodontal services in the world. Justin opted for more natural brightening treatments that enhance his lovely features. 

The Celebrity Smile

The Hollywood standard has always been perfection. We can see it from things as little as dental cosmetics and celebrity smile transformations. Keep an eye out for our entertainment new section to find out what your favorite celebrities are up to.

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