5 Cute & Fun Ideas for Decorating Your Apartment Door

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If you want your apartment door to reflect your personality, you have to decorate it. Here are some fun ideas for decorating your apartment door to inspire you!

You know what they say:

First impressions are everything!

When you have guests over, the first thing they’ll see of your apartment is the front door. Maybe it doesn’t matter so much how they feel about your entryway, but it sure does feel good to leave an impression.

With these five fun ideas for decorating your apartment door, you’ll be the talk of friends, family, and deliverymen alike! So go ahead and take a look at the great ways you can decorate your apartment entryway to really make it shine.


1. A Chalkboard Sign

Are you dead set on having a message on your front door but can’t decide what you want it to say?

No worries! We’ve got just the thing for you.

Chalkboard signs are incredibly versatile decorations that you can change as many times as you want. You can put up a different message for every mood and time of day, or leave the same one up for weeks on end.

It’s so much fun because it’s entirely up to you!

It’s easy enough to go out and buy a small chalkboard to hang on your front door. Dress up the frame with some metallic paint or fake flowers to give it a little something extra.

DIY chalkboards are almost as easy and only take a little work before they’re ready to be hung up. All you need is chalkboard paint and something to put it on.

A cute decorative tray makes a great candidate. Just paint the bottom and leave the outside as a frame. A framed mirror or a simple picture frame with the back painted work as well.

Chalkboard signs have many functions, from displaying your apartment number in a unique way of offering a positive message to passersby. 

You really can’t go wrong with something this useful!


2. A Stick-On Decal

While chalkboard signs are cute, they tend to be a little bit of a fairweather decoration. Vinyl decals, on the other hand, are a little sturdier and don’t come with the risk of blowing right off your door.

And they’re almost as easy to change out — just peel and stick!

Decals come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, so you’re likely to find anything you want or need on sale somewhere. 

There are always simple options, like individual numbers and letters to put up your apartment number, a short message, or your family’s last name. They also come in completed words such as Hello and Welcome, which are simple to put up with one stick.

Feeling a little fancier?

Depending on what you want, there’s a good chance you can find anything turned into a vinyl decal. Decorate your door with a compass rose or some beautiful stick-on flowers. Adorn it with the Disney castle. Go natural with trees or animals.

You can even get a custom decal made to say anything you want!

The options are endless.


3. An Empty Picture Frame

We’re getting a little nostalgic with this one.

An empty picture frame is a stylish way to add flavor to your entry door with a distinctly Friends vibe.

(You can literally buy a replica of the frame from the show if you really want to.)

Yellow and swirly or not, an empty frame brings a great aesthetic to any front door.

If you have a peephole, place the frame around it as a unique centerpiece. And if you don’t, just put the frame around eye level in the middle of your door for everyone to see and admire.

There is so much you can do with this one to make it your own.

Picture frames come in every size, shape, color, and finish you can imagine. Can’t find the right combination? Focus on the size and shape first, then grab some paint to tailor it to your style.

Once you have your frame, you can leave it empty or decorate it even more.

String small banners across it for a festive look. Hang up small photo prints or postcards from places you’ve been. Deck out the exterior with flowers or ribbons. 

Use your imagination!


4. A Quirky Doormat

What is a door without a doormat?

We surely do not know.

Doormats are a fantastic way to express yourself. They’re almost a warning of your personality before anyone gets inside your apartment. It’ll be clear what kind of person they’re dealing with right out of the gate.

Then they have no excuses for deciding to come in anyway.

For example:

A standard doormat with a message like Welcome or Come on in scrawled across it shows how inviting you are. A nice design without any words means you’re probably pretty artistic and like aesthetic things.

And then you have the ones that are true warnings of what’s inside.

Everything from I really hope you like dogs to There are a lot of kids in here gives your guests the time they need to prepare themselves for the sheer chaos inside. These doormats show that you know exactly what you have to offer.

Putting out a doormat that says Come back with wine just means you’re practical!

You can stick with one doormat that sums up your entire personality or change it out with the seasons. There are some pretty amazing options out there for Halloween, Christmas, and Independence Day.

You can never go wrong with a good doormat.


5. Flowers by Season

Flowers are always a lovely front door decoration.

You can display them in a tried-and-true wreath, equip your front door with a small pot to hold flowers or deck out the entire top half of the door frame with fake blooms.

Let the seasons inspire you and change your foliage to match!

Tulips and roses in shades of yellow and pink for spring. Peonies, dahlias, or sunflowers edged in greens for the summer. Flowers like chrysanthemums in reds and purples decked out with beautiful yellow and orange leaves for autumn. Bare branches, bright red berries, and white flowers for the winter.

There are few entryway decor options as classic as flowers.


In Conclusion

Don’t limit your design to the interior; carry it to the exterior as well.

There’s no reason you should leave your front door boring when you put so much effort into making your apartment look amazing.

That just won’t do.

Take inspiration from these fun ways to decorate your front door and let your apartment speak for itself. Everyone will know how stylish you are before they even get a chance to pass through the threshold. 


Author Bio:

Caitlin Sinclair is the property manager at Prose West Cypress, a luxury apartment community in Katy, TX.

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