A Classic Revisited: “Ready or Not” by After 7

I’ll give you the sun, the rain, the moon, the stars, and the mountains. I’ll give you the world…” What woman wouldn’t want this to be sung to them? This is probably why even though it was released 32 years ago, “Ready or Not” by After 7 still stands the test of time. I’m sure this song has been played at countless weddings, proms in the 90s, and blaring from car radios in front of your girl’s house when you know you done messed up.

Comprised of Melvin and Kevon Edmonds and Keith Mitchell, After 7 features two older siblings of Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, so clearly talent runs in the family. Sadly, Melvin passed away in 2019, but prior to his passing I was lucky enough to see all of the original members of the group perform at Wingate Field in Brooklyn a few years back.

The show was great, but what I remember most about it was that when they sang “Ready or Not,” the grass at Wingate Field turned into a dance floor. A TON of couples took that opportunity to grab and hold each other close, and slow dance while they sang. It was beautiful! So beautiful that I didn’t mind so much that me and my homegirl was out there two stepping alone.

Long story short, this song is for the lovers. It’s for folks who done been through it all, but still find a way to love and wholeheartedly cherish their relationships. When they all sang, “All that I’ve got…is yours“, that was a whole declaration of devotion, who wouldn’t want that! No wonder folks turn into mush when this song plays, I know I do.

After 7 were nice enough to give us this classic over three decades ago, and I’m thankful. I didn’t know or appreciate just how good it was when I was sneaking to watch Video Soul through the curtain on my bedroom door, but as a full blown adult I get it now. “Ready or Not” will always be around and played consistently because love will always be around. It’s just that simple.

“Ready or Not” was released in 1989, and featured on the group’s third album, their self-titled release.  The song is written and produced by Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds.

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