5 Ways to Modify Your Car

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Everyone has their own style. You can see it when you meet someone for the first time by looking at the clothes they wear, their hairstyle, their tattoos and jewelry, and so forth. You can generally tell a lot about a person’s lifestyle in that first moment by the image they present.

There are other ways you can advertise who you are to the world, though. Your hobbies reveal something about yourself. What kind of pet you have tells a story, as does your domicile and the car you drive.

If you want to reveal to the world something about your life and mentality, you can modify your car in various ways. Panel beating is one of the many ways to do this.  For more information on panel beating services please visit NRC Group. Let’s look at some of the most popular ones.


You Can Tint Your Windows

Before we get into some of the modifications you can make, a quick disclaimer. No matter what you choose to change on your car, be sure what you do doesn’t interfere with the vehicle’s safety features and cause a crash. In Pennsylvania recently, 37,299 car crashes with injuries occurred in one year.

First, you might decide to tint your vehicle’s windows. When you do that, you can see out, just as you regularly can, but no one else can see into the car as easily.

It’s cooler in the car if you do this, which comes in handy on hot summer days. It’s also nice to know that you have a little privacy in the vehicle, especially if you’re in stop-and-go traffic or a crowded parking lot.

Of course, some cities and states have laws regarding how much you can tint your windows. Some locales don’t want you to tint them too much, because then, the cops can’t see inside.

If you do tint your windows a little, that’s probably fine, but make sure you don’t go too dark. If you do, you can find yourself facing a desk appearance ticket and a possible fine.


You Can Get a Vanity Plate

You might also decide to tell the world about yourself by getting a clever vanity license plate. A vanity plate will cost you a little bit of money, but they’re usually pretty reasonable.

You can think about some pun the plate tells related to your profession. Doctors and lawyers get vanity plates all the time. You might create one that’s an in-joke between you and your friends.

You have to check beforehand to see if someone in your state does not have that same customized plate already. You might think you’ve come up with a completely original concept, but don’t let it surprise you if someone else has already had your same idea.


You Can Get Some Bumper Stickers

Maybe you feel like decorating your back bumper with some stickers. You can tell the public about your political beliefs, your religion, or what bands you like.

You can get serious bumper stickers or frivolous ones. If you do this, though, remember that you’re broadcasting to the world what you think, feel, or believe. If they don’t feel the same way you do, you might get some volatile or unpredictable reactions.

It’s also sometimes tough to get a bumper sticker off of a car if it has been on there for years. When the time arrives to sell that vehicle, it could be an issue. If you think the car already doesn’t have much resale value, you might feel like plastering it with stickers won’t make that much of a difference.


You Can Get an Air Freshener

Getting an air freshener, especially an exotic or unusually-flavored one, is a way for you to customize your car with a recognizable smell. You might buy a strawberry or apple one, or you can get something like Midnight Musk that’s a bit more provocative.

What’s nice about going the air freshener route is that if you ever want to sell the car, you can easily remove it. The scent should go away in a few days. That’s much easier than switching out your tinted windows or trying to scrape off a bunch of bumper stickers.


You Can Install Some New Speakers

Maybe you’ll decide to tell the public what kind of music you like by sharing it with them at full volume. You can install some new speakers that will make the entire car rattle, not to mention all the nearby windows.

Your vehicle is part of the image of yourself that you put forth, so make sure you’re sending the right message.


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