How To Choose The Best Shoes for Any Formal Outfit

Choose The Best Shoes

Worried about which shoes to wear to your next formal event? With all the styles, colors, and heel sizes available in footwear these days, it’s normal to feel completely clueless when it comes to choosing formal shoes!

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While running errands over the weekend it’s easy to throw on a pair of sneakers… but what shoes do you wear with a suit? Or a formal evening gown? It can be overwhelming with all the choices out there to decide which shoes will look the best for your special event. From heel size to colors and styles, we’ve created a helpful guide to choosing the best pair of shoes for your next formal event! 

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  • Choose the correct size

Getting the best fit for any pair of shoes is always important but it’s crucial for formalwear. This is because after wearing tight fitting shoes like high heels for a long time your feet could actually start to swell. If your shoes are not properly fitted they’ll become painful to wear that much faster. One trick for shopping for formal shoes is to go shopping in the afternoon or evening to ensure a bitter fit. 


  • High heels or not?

While fashion norms have loosen up over time, it’s still a safe bet to purchase formal shoes with a bit of heel. That doesn’t mean that you have to choose the standard 4 or 6-inch heels however! Even a 2-inch kitten heel will suffice for most formal occasions. If you have trouble walking in high heels, choose a low to medium thick heel, rather than a skinny one, since they’re easier to walk in. 


  • Don’t skimp on comfort

The perfect formal shoes are always the ones you can stand wearing all night. There’s nothing worse than having to cut an evening short because of foot pain! So remember, whichever shoes you choose make sure that they’re comfortable enough that you can wear them all evening without issues. 


Tips for Men

  • Stick to classics: If you’re clueless about which shoes to buy, stick to classics like oxfords and brogues in black or dark brown. These timeless shoes will never go out of style and they’ll fit most formal occasions. 
  • Break your shoes in: Shoes don’t have to have a high heel to be painful! Make sure that you break-in your shoes before attempting to wear them all night. 
  • Match your shoes to your suit: The rule of thumb is that a black suit calls for black shoes, a navy suit calls for brown shoes and a grey suit goes best with both! 


Tips for Women 

  • Think about the occasion: Not all high heels are appropriate for every event. If your event is formal or professional, avoid open-toe heels. For casual occasions, avoid strappy heels and choose a closed-toe wedge or boot instead.
  • Match your heels to your dress length: If your dress skims the floor, choose a higher heel to prevent it from dragging… and you from falling! If your dress is shorter and less formal, you may be able to get away with a flat or sandal. 
  • Don’t match the color exactly: It’s considered a bit old fashion to match your shoe color exactly with your outfit. Choose a complementary color or a contrasting color instead for extra drama. 

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