How Social Media Has Become the Hub for Niche Entertainment

Hub for Niche Entertainment

Social media may have started out as a means for all of us to be online in the same manner and fashion and at the same time. There were fewer social media platforms, and Facebook or Instagram dominated. If you weren’t on these social platforms, you almost didn’t exist. There was a mainstream element to the entire concept of social media, and for many, the idea of being online and finding ‘friends’ on a global platform made little to no sense. There have, however, been some changes to this status quo.

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This is where the emergence of smaller, more niche social media sites began, some of which (Reddit, Discord, Tik Tok) have grown, as has the use of mainstream social media to host smaller social sites and forums for more niche online tribes. This article shows how social media has become segmented and presents a hub for more niche entertainment.

The fact that people now share most things on social media has seen the online gaming industry surge as individual gamers seek to follow trends set, discussed, and shared on social media. It has become a means to access media and entertainment as well as to actually share and create entertainment as well.

How niche online tribes use social media

It’s how we watch other gamers

Social media platforms that have either sprung up around the game or on other platforms but are solely dedicated to a specific game are the best way to watch others play the games we love. It almost doesn’t matter what you decide to play; as long as there are others who enjoy playing the same games and are prepared to share and discuss this online, then it’s possible to create a space such as this on social media. You could be playing the slots at Spin Palace Casino or in a multi-player adventure game or playing online chess; regardless of the actual game being played, social media has made sharing this as easy as playing the games themselves. In fact, certain games are now only accessed and played through social media platforms.

It’s where we share tips and techniques

If you keep getting stuck at the same place in the video game or being killed as you cross the same road every time because you don’t know where the sniper is, then being able to get some help from others is one of the main points of niche game-related social media platforms and sites. Some of the tips for the games you play will surprise you, but all will be useful if you’re in the right chat room, and the theme is about helping one another through the game.

It’s where the tribe sets out their values and behaviors

The social media chat rooms and forums related to specific niche games are where the tribe sets out its rules and values. These will set the tone for further and continued online discussion and create a sense of understanding as to what the tribe is about.

Social media is a much different beast to the one that was developed and released into society by Zuckerberg and co. There is a sense that the big players are on their way down and clutching at straws, such as the idea of a social media marketplace to keep them afloat. The truth is that niche gaming platforms are becoming the norm for social media, and smaller but more powerful, e-enlightened, and mtribe-focused groupings are beginning to dominate the social media landscape.

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