28 Days of Black Authors: Meet Tanisha Stewart

Author Tanisha Stewart

Writing is truly a superpower for this Springfield, Massachusetts powerhouse author. Whether she’s telling you that everybody ain’t your friend or you need to find you a real one, Tanisha Stewart is the epitome of a multi-dimensional storyteller.

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With each and every chaotic character and the words poetically spewing from their mouths, Stewart vividly paints attention-grabbing scenes… page after page, chapter by chapter. Through her candid-yet-creative plots, the novelist’s realistic, well-thought-out storylines are so visually stimulating that one could easily forget its fiction context.

It’s safe to say that her pen game is unmatched. And umpteen books later, Tanisha Stewart continues to ink her way into the hearts of readers all over the globe.

Take a look at some of our favorite Tanisha Stewart books below!

Everybody Ain’t Your Friend

Author Tanisha Stewart Everybody Ain't Your Friend


They say you should keep your friends close, and enemies closer, but sometimes reality might be the other way around…

Mia thinks her life is completely normal. She has a loving boyfriend, great and supportive friends, and a close relationship with her mother. Things take an interesting turn, however, when she is almost run down by a car one day.
Then come the messages from an untraceable number.
Not to mention the heartbreaking secret that is revealed shortly thereafter.
Suddenly, everything that Mia thought was right in her life goes wrong. She has no idea why, but she needs to find out, before her secret stalker decides her time is up.


A Husband, a Boyfriend, and a Side Dude

Tanisha Stewart A Husband, a Boyfriend, and a Side Dude book


Ce’Anna and her husband, Trent, are nearing their sixth anniversary of marriage. Ever since they said ‘I do’, their romance was like a whirlwind. That is, until Ce’Anna’s first secret. Then her second. Life is going crazy, and things are starting to ‘get real’. Tensions continue to rise, until Ce’Anna is placed in a situation where she has to make a choice between the one she truly loves, and the one she’s not sure about.


Betrayed… By My So-Called Friend

Tanisha Stewart Betrayed... By My So-Called Friend book cover


June is in an online relationship with the man of her dreams, Jermaine. He is the first person she met that seemed to know her before they ever even spoke. Although they have never met in person, she is sure he is “the one”… But there’s only one problem: Her beloved ‘Jermaine’, isn’t real. She is being catfished by someone very close to her; someone she thought she could trust.


In Love With My Uber Driver

Author Tanisha Stewart In Love With My Uber Driver


Sylvia can’t seem to get past her trifling ex, Jamir, or her traumatic vehicle accident that left her psychologically paralyzed. Dontrell is still stuck on his ex, Samiah. Both seem to be nowhere near ready to try something new. But when Dontrell ends up being Sylvia’s Uber driver, their lanes begin to shift in another direction…


For My Good: My Baby Daddy Ain’t Ish 

Author Tanisha Stewart For My Good: My Baby Daddy Ain't Ish book cover


Gina is still piecing together her heart and her life after her break up two years ago with the father of her child, Kayden Senior. It seems that ever since he left her for another woman, Kayden has written both Gina and her son off. He refuses to pay child support and doesn’t seem interested in playing any kind of role in the life of Kayden Jr – who still sees his father as his hero. The only consistent thing about Kayden Senior appears to be his desire to make Gina’s life miserable.

Meanwhile, her girls Melanie and Keisha always have her back. They have a close knit circle, almost like sisters. Melanie and Keisha urge Gina to try something new with her sexy co-worker David, but Gina isn’t sure.

Her confidence and her trust in men has not been the same since Kayden Sr. abandoned their family. Her faith in men and her inability to choose a good one makes her hesitant to let another man into her – and her son’s – life.

Her heart tells her that David is different, but her mind isn’t quite ready to let go of her past. The possibility of love and a good man seems too good to be true, when her baby daddy ain’t ish.

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Connect with Tanisha Stewart here:

Facebook: Tanisha Stewart, Author
Twitter: @TStewart_Author
Instagram: @tanishastewart_author

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