Mariahlynn Is Redefining What It Truly Means to Show Up for Yourself


After a two-year hiatus, recording artist and TV personality Mariahlynn is back and even better!

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You may have grown familiar with the New Jersey-born talent through her viral hits “Never Btch,” “Once Upon a Time,” and “I Just Want a Bad Btch.” Or, maybe even Love & Hip Hop: New York, where the reality series chronicled her rise to stardom.

However, these days, the celebrated rapstress is gearing up for the release of her EP, My Turn, which is set to make its debut this April. Mariahlynn’s new music is said to signify a new era–not only as a musician, but a woman who does it all so effortlessly. This will be an age of independence, evolution, and regaining the power that was once ripped away from her.

“As a fully independent artist, I just want to show people that I’m more than just the girl who made a song about being a h*e,” she expressed. “I am a businesswoman and entrepreneur and it is my turn to tell my story, my way.” Mariahlynn

With a huge focus on reclaiming control and showing up for herself, fans can expect to see a redefined version of Mariahlynn. When asked about the creative process behind the forthcoming project, she explained that her main objective was to make it authentic and emotion-filled.

“While working on My Turn, I was battling between what my heart and head were telling me,” said the star. The project walks fans through the struggles of dealing with her father’s incarceration, mother‘s sobriety, and how the industry has affected her, while always prevailing the odds. 

Although her single, “Once Upon a Time” received wide recognition, Mariahlynn stands firmly on the fact that she’s bigger than that. She feels that one of the biggest misconceptions about her as an artist is that her whole sound is centered around being vulgar and explicit. To debunk that claim, her upcoming EP, My Turn, will be double-sided, proving her diversity, creativeness, and willingness to grow as a musician.

Without knowledge or the right team in place, there is huge room for error. 

“If I had to tell my younger self one thing, I would tell her to educate herself on the business,” she voiced, looking back on the Mariahlynn who’d just started out in the game. 

Amidst all the ruckus and tabloid evoked storylines, one thing for sure is that Mariahlynn has never shied away from being her true self.

“In the past, being raw and authentic has distracted supporters from what matters, the music.” Mariahlynn makes it clear she has no regrets. She has always been genuine to her core and her story.

Viewers recently had the opportunity to see a snippet of Mariahlynn’s upcoming appearance on WE TV’s Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition. The show gives supporters an in-depth look at the artist’s controversial union with producer Rich Dollaz. With both stars living under a magnifying glass, drama and rumors are inevitable.

But, for Mariahlynn, participating in the show was actually liberating for her.

“For me, joining the cast of Marriage Boot Camp was an opportunity to bring clarity to the masses and show the world I never had anything to lie about.” Whether together or not, in the end, Mariahlynn would like to put the respect back on her name.

Since her re-emergence, Mariahlynn has reconceptualized the meaning of women discovering their sovereignty. She has exemplified the reality of women taking charge. The artist stresses the importance of knowing your worth and charging a tax on it. Mariahlynn

“Walk away from unhealthy situations. Do not let the embarrassment distract from the bigger picture,” she stated during our interview. Today, she is fully aware that she is at the table and if you want to eat with her you must bring your own seat.

Through recent allegations of Rich and Mariahlynn’s relationship feud on Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition swirling the internet, the 31-year-old maintains a civil response to it all.

“Although I decided after the experience I’m too nice of a person and could never hurt someone publicly the way he has done me, I encourage people to tune in and see for themselves how the tables will turn,” she told us.

We’ve always admired and respected Mariahlynn’s boldness. In a world where women’s microphones are often silenced, she rallies for those who are looking to find their voice but are too afraid to speak up and speak out. 

“What would you say to other women who are looking for their My Turn moment?” we asked Mariahlynn.

“I would tell women around the world that they are more than someone’s perception of them, especially a man, that they are a queen in their own right. Any and every time they are pushed to the side or put down, the only option that they have is to pick themselves back up and keep moving forward. There is more to life than what they have in front of them, or who they may have in front of them, and I encourage them to use their voices because they never know who is listening or being inspired by them,” she replied. “I would also advise them to always stay true to themselves and never let anyone take their power from them, especially young ladies coming into the industry like I once was. Last but certainly not least, I would tell them that the strongest person on their team is themselves and to never let anything or anyone dim their light from shining bright.”

Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition will premiere on March 31st at 9/8c.

Check out Mariahlynn’s latest tracks below!

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