Mike & Deja Haugabook: Where Is the Viral Couple Now?

You may remember Michael and Deja Haugabook from their controversial marriage that took place sometime late last year.

The newlyweds were under fire after allegations of 55-year-old Michael being 18-year-old Deja’s Godfather spread like wildfire, and photos from their wedding ceremony instantly sparked debates all over the internet.

However, things have since quieted down, and the two seem to be living a happy life together!

Following their viral success, The Haugabooks turned the bad news into a whole brand. Their Instagram bio states that they now have a booking manager, and they’ve even started a YouTube channel.

As a response to the massive amount of backlash the pair received, Deja dropped a song, titled “A Number.” In the track, Deja blatantly goes into detail and expresses why she’s unbothered by the comments surrounding the big age gap between her and her husband.

“Age ain’t nothing but a number, give these h*es something to remember,” she rapped over the catchy beat before further explicitly explaining her love for Michael. It looks like they’re still going strong!

Subsequently, another single, “Put Em On Da Glass,” was released, which received a nice amount of good feedback from Deja’s supporters.

We’re not sure if this means that she’ll be embarking on a full-blown music career, but we can definitely see that it’s on the horizon!

When Deja isn’t in the studio, she and Michael broadcast live, from time to time, on their joint social media profile, where they catch up with their followers and occasionally address the rumors and the hate that still pour in daily.

But… Mike and Deja Haugabook stand firm in the fact that their relationship won’t be ending any time soon. If anything, their family is actually expanding!

Earlier today, the romantic duo took to their Instagram account to share the gender of their forthcoming baby.  Deja Haugabook is having a baby boy!

See pictures below:

Michael and Deja Haugabook at their Gender Reveal Party

Deja Haugabook

Though they both have children from previous partners, this will be the first child together for Mike and Deja Haugabook.

We send our biggest congratulations to the lovebirds!

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