Dead Celebs Rocking The Pay Cheques

Dead Celebs Earnings

Have you ever wondered if celebrities that pass away continue to make money? Well, the answer is yes. The companies and creations left by musicians, cartoonists, writers and sports stars continue to reap an income after the person dies. This money usually goes to their family and estate beneficiaries. Although some of it is remarked for good causes and charities as well. The most high-profile celebs are still raking in an absolute fortune despite already passing away.

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Party Online Casino has produced an engaging online tool where you can see how long it takes dead celebrities to make your annual salary. For example, if you earn £30,000 per year, it takes Michael Jackson around 3 hours and 12 minutes to earn the same. You can compare your annual salary against the income of dead celebrities by clicking here. But who are some of the biggest earners who are no longer with us? Let’s take a look.


#1: Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl tops the charts for the highest-earning dead celebrity at current. Last year he made over half a billion dollars, which equated to just short of $1.5 million per day, $976 per minute and $16.26 each second. The reason that the writer made so much (for his family) this year was that his books have been secured by Netflix to be made into films. The deal is reported to be worth around $450 million in itself.


#2: Prince

Prince holds the second spot for the highest-earning dead celebrity and is the highest-earning deceased singer of the year. Last year he made around $120 million, which equates to around $2.3 million per week and just short of $14,000 each hour. Prince’s family sold his music catalogue after a lengthy court battle to determine its worth. Unfortunately, two of the six beneficiaries of the catalogue died while the case floated around the courts.


#3: Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson continues to be one of the wealthiest dead singers, earning an estimated $75 million last year. This gave him a monthly income of over $6 million and $2.38 each second. Interestingly, the Netherland Ranch was sold by his family in December 2020 after struggling to find a buyer willing to meet the $100 million asking price. It eventually sold for $22 million.


#4: Charlie Schulz

Charlie Schulz might be one of the most important and influential cartoonists ever, so it’s not that surprising that he has made the top 5. His most successful creation is the Peanuts series, which launched when he was just 28 years old. He earned a reported $40 million last year due to royalties and a new Apple TV show called Snoopy in Space. Some of the classics are still making the cartoonist money, such as A Charlie Brown Christmas.


 These were a few of the High Earning Dead Celebs that still have an income despite passing away. Which Dead celebrity income suprised you the most. Let us know in the comments.

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