Content Marketing As A Winning Promotion Strategy on Instagram

Content Marketing on Instagram

There are two approaches to interacting with the target audience. Outbound marketing, where you actively seek out customers and build a one-way relationship. In this approach, there is no value for potential customers, attention is attracted only with direct sales. In the case of inbound marketing, you build two-way communication with the clients, get their feedback, provide valuable material and focus on long-term relationships. This tactic is a priority choice for successful business building. In this article, we will disclose the key features of content marketing and consider the main stages of its implementation.

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How to influence the audience with the help of content?

When you produce high-quality, relevant, interesting, and useful content, you are perceived as a specialist who understands a particular niche. With engaging content, you can influence the behavioral factor, involve your target audience and keep their attention within a profile. As a result, your posts will be better ranked by social network algorithms and get more reach. Content generation is an effective tool for increasing brand loyalty. In this case, the price becomes a secondary factor, because you sell at the value level.  Building a personal brand allows you to get leads at a lower cost and ensures a steady generation of applications.


An important point in content marketing is the ability to get the contacts of the target audience. To do this, it is effective to make lead magnets, useful content in return for which people leave their contacts. This can be training videos, checklists, useful books, etc.


Despite the popularity of video content, the text is still one of the important carriers of meaning. The best formats for posts are successful cases, comparative articles about how one product is different from another, life hacks, summaries, insights, etc. 


The minimum percentage in the content plan should occupy the selling format because people are annoyed by a large number of aggressive advertisements. 


To increase the value of your material and create a trusted first impression it is effective to buy real Instagram followers, likes, comments, and other activity indicators. Thus, you create a trigger of social proof, people see that brand credibility is confirmed by the majority and more easily make a purchase decision. 


How to promote content with targeted advertising?

Targeted advertising on Instagram is an extremely effective tool for promoting your content and, when properly configured, it can bring a steady stream of applications and customers for the business.


Before you start advertising, it is important to create a detailed portrait of your target audience, divide it into segments according to important criteria for your business, and based on the needs and desires of your clients, create advertising creatives.


Check the teasers, images or videos, and the text for compliance with the following points: catchy title, a clear offer in the ad, the presence of triggers to enhance the effect, a call to action, and a nice visual design. 


Direct advertising should always incline a person to perform an action. Depending on the type of action, audiences and teasers will differ. In the case of targeted advertising on Instagram, three key goals exist: attracting subscribers to the profile, attracting visitors to the website, and sales from the post.


It is effective to enter your profile several times in the ad’s text through “@”. If you attract subscribers, you make it easier for them to take the targeted action of going to the profile. Let’s say people start reading the text, they can scroll through the “open profile” button. In case you indicate the profile with “@’ in the text, they can navigate to it from any part of the ad. The more capture points, the higher the conversion rate.


Targeted ads ensure cold traffic and to have a high retention rate on your profile, make sure it is well-designed: you have a strong positioning in the profile description, buy Instagram followers and other involvement metrics, regularly publish quality content that meets clients’ needs, builds trust, prevents objections, etc.


To sum up, content marketing is a strategy for the long term. With the right approach, you can create a strong online positioning, be able to separate yourself from your competitors, as well as generate huge social capital, which can constantly monetize.

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