Once Again, Jaheim Raises Concerns With His Hairstyle Choices

Jaheim Hairstyle
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Back in 2016 was the first time we checked in on Jaheim because of his interesting hair, um styles.  But the singer is once again trending because fans are wondering what happened to the singer after his most recent pictures surfaced.  The Jaheim hairstyle may just be a personal choice, but fans are wondering if there is something more to it.

I must say, I have so much love for Jaheim and what he has done musically, so while this story isn’t ideal, I think it does raise questions about just how the brother is doing at this point in his life and career.  After just watching the Kanye West jeen-yuhs documentary, I do realize just how sensitive mental health is in the Black community, especially among men and equally as important among artists, so the post isn’t intended as an opportunity to make Jaheim into a meme for laughs, but more to really encourage those around him and those that have been around him to check in just to be sure everything is okay.

Jaheim posted the images on his own official instagram page as part of a mini video collage.  Along with the images he included the caption: “Just when… Just when they thought he was over and done with.”

In addition to the main image above, he also included these two images:

Jaheim Hairstyles 2022 Jaheim Hair

In September, Jaheim found himself in some legal trouble as well, which we reported on at the time. It should be noted that he has denied all wrongdoing and has posted on instagram that the media is spinning the narrative and choosing not to show the other side to the story.

He does appear to be performing from time to time as well.  His instagram page is private, so unless he accepts your follow request, you won’t be able to see his few posts, but he does post.

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