‘Put a Ring on It’- Decision Time Predictions

Queen Bey said it first, and it seems like it will never fade. If you like it, then you should’ve put a ring on it! And that is exactly what the ladies on the hit reality tv series ‘Put a Ring on It’ with Dr. Nicole LaBeach, are saying to their significant others. And on May 27, 2022, on OWN network it’s decision time!

Now, we have endured a lot of relationship shows over the years. Dating shows, marriage shows, counseling shows, but this one is like ‘Married at First Sight’, but with a slightly different approach. Fellows, would you like seeing your lady on a date with another man if it will improve your relationship? Ladies, how about y’all?

The show follows three longtime couples, with help from master relationship coach Dr. Nicole LaBeach, who embark on the ultimate relationship test. From week to week the couples are pushed outside their comfort zones to confront the question they’ve been too afraid to ask: is this their happily ever after?

The couples will finally find out if they are truly meant to be together by dating other people, and in doing so they’ll discover if there’s a love connection they’ve been missing all along. Will they decide it’s time to go their separate ways, or is it finally time to put a ring on it?

First the ladies go on a date, then the guys, then the couples go on dates separately in the same location. Now, not all the couples get through the date in the same location without some conflict! After discussing the dates and their feelings in a group session with Dr. Nicole, they each decide if they will go on another date with the same person, or choose to go on a date with a new person.

Dr Nicole also makes house calls! Throughout the process the couples can ask Dr. Nicole over to have a one on one, or a couple session. Some of these talks can get a little disrespectful, and you would think Dr. Nicole would get involved and stop some of this behavior. Nope, she’s like Steph Curry’s left hand, only there to guide! The ultimate decisions, feelings and actions are all on the couples as they work through the therapy process.

When Decision Time comes, the couples are separated for the night before and individually go through their own thoughts and feelings about their relationship. The guys must decide if they are ready and willing to ask for their lady’s hand in marriage, while the ladies have to determine if they are willing to say yes if they are proposed to. Here are my Decision Time predictions:

Shorty(that’s her real name) and Kenneth: They have been dating for 3 years. They met at a Young Thug concert. Shorty does not think Kenneth is mature enough or financially stable enough to move forward to marriage, and truly believes she is out of his league. Kenneth looks at them as a married couple already, but Shorty doesn’t. This process seems to have allowed Shorty to express her dissatisfaction in Kenneth’s status as a man.

I predict Kenneth will still ask Shorty to marry him, but Shorty will say NO.

Alfonso and Shay: They have been dating for 3 years. Alfonso slid in Shay’s DM! Shay wants more relationship validation and wants to feel like she is a part of Alfonso’s family. Alfonso is Mr. Cool, and just wants Shay to know she has nothing to worry about.

I predict Alfonso will ask Shay to marry him, and she will say YES.

Otis and Charlana: They have been dating for 3 years. They met in Miami at a film festival. In order to propose Otis wants more control and for Charlana to be softer. This process may have taken this relationship to a place it can not come back from. Charlana and Otis seem to be the “my way or the highway” types, and there has been a lot of hurt feelings in this process between them both.

I predict they will either BREAK UP or table the discussion of marriage.

Catch ‘Put a Ring on It’ with Dr. Nicole LaBeach Decision Time on Friday night June 03, 2022. Let us know what your decision time predictions are in the comments!


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