Audio Clip Of DJ Akademiks Making Sexual Remarks About Underage Girls Resurfaces On Social Media

Akademiks Underage Girls Comments

As we all very well know, when “Cancel Culture” gets involved one of two things are going down: A public apology and loss of endorsements (money) and fan support, or ultimately the loss of your career! Just look at R. Kelly, Bill Cosby, Amber Heard! On Wednesday June 15, 2022, an old audio clip from 8 years ago of DJ Akademiks saying, “there is no difference between a 17-year-old [girl] and a 21-year-old [woman]”, resurfaced today on social media platforms and “Cancel Culture” is in full effect! The Akademiks underage girls comments are setting the internet on fire. 

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Many users on Twitter and Instagram want off with DJ Akademiks’ head and feel he has been a predator for years. Some feel even though the audio clip is old, and DJ Akademiks was only 20 years old himself at the time, that the comment was still very much inappropriate.

Here is the audio clip. Beware, it is blunt and graphic…

Others think DJ Akademiks is being targeted for wanting to help out with Tory Lanez’s court case.

It is rumored that DJ Akademiks was asked how he felt about Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s relationship at the time, and that was his response to the question. 

DJ Akademiks responded to the backlash on his Twitter account with a YouTube video clip and the caption, “Don’t believe the BS…”. In the YouTube video DJ Akademiks explains where the audio clip came from, as well as the context of the comment. “I was not saying that at no time I had f*cked a 17-year-old…”, he explains in the video. 

The beginning is a little dry, but he gets to a situation that he has been dealing with from another social media user(s)/YouTuber named Kollege Kidd and Spotify. He basically says it all stems from jealousy as he has been able to become successful in the Hip-Hop Entertainment industry, and Kollege Kidd is still “struggling”. Also, there is some personal “beef” between the entertainers, Akademiks goes deeper into it all in the video.

He also gives explanation to some Tweets that were not Tweeted by him due to his social media accounts being hacked.

Here is DJ Akademiks response:

After listening to DJ Akademiks explanation about the audio clip in question, what are you feelings about it? Do you think “Cancel Culture” will take him down too? Let us know in the comments!

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