Tekashi 6ix9ine Attacked In A Brawl At Soho Palm Club In Dubai

6ix9ine Attacked In Brawl

The Brooklyn rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine has made the headlines again. The rapper was issued a no-contact order earlier this month following a domestic violence incident with his girlfriend. This time, Tekashi 6ix9ine was allegedly attacked in a brawl at Soho Palm Club in Dubai.

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According to reports, the rapper was outside at Soho Palm Club in Dubai when he asked the DJ on set to play his song. The DJ refused, and moments later, Tekashi reportedly attacked the DJ on spot before several men jumped in to attack Tekashi in return.

The DJ allegedly jumped back on the mic to tell the club, “No way am I playing a snitch’s song…We don’t like snitches.”

The American rapper has shown his displeasure regarding the news that’s being reported about the incident. Tekashi took to social media after the incident to respond to Hollywood Unlock’s Instagram page that reported the incident.

“Get the news right. I get it. Ya mad I’m still alive… it’s cool sit down and wait it out,” Tekashi commented under the clip that showed him attacking the DJ, then being dragged out after by a number of hefty-looking men.

He also posted a video on his story where he accused some “6ix9ine hate trend PRs” of “spreading fake news”

People took to Twitter to react. These are some of them.

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