Women on Twitter Prove That Men Lie About Having Intercourse… All the Time

Men Lie About Having Intercourse

Well, it looks like the Twitter girlies are back at it again, and this time… they’re doing all of the kissing and telling—OR NOT. Do men lie about having intercourse?! Uh… apparently so.

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Recently, a user of the bird app, by the name of QueenVeej, asked for women who’d ever had guys be dishonest about having sexual relations with them to tap the good ole retweet button.

“Ladies please RT if a man has ever lied about having sex with you,” she simply wrote in the now-viral tweet.

She then followed up with another post, detailing her own experience with the matter. According to the publicist and business owner (as her bio on the platform reads), it was so bad that it nearly fumbled her job… at one point.

“I’ve had several men lie about having sex with me but one time it almost cost me my career,” she started off. “It took another man that ppl liked more than the one that lied on me to save me in that situation. I can’t speak on it much bcuz legality and what not but yea.”

With over 17,000 retweets and counting, you’d be surprised to see just what these ladies had to say about the guys and the stories they’ve had told on them.

Some were from fellas they’d never even talked to—let alone met!

See a few of their responses below…

Women on Twitter Prove That Men Lie About Having Intercourse… All the Time

Have you ever had someone falsify being intimate with you? Let us know in the comments below!

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