Prankster Jidion Adams Sneaks Into Twitchcon Convention: Left Everyone Shocked

Jidion Adams Sneaks Into Twitchcon Convention

Twitch started their year by issuing a red notice (banning) to 21-year old YouTube prankster Jidion Adams because he allegedly instigated his fans during a livestream to harass Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys in January.

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Twitch took quick notice of this incident and initially banned him for 14 days from the platform. After his several efforts to make it up to her and apologize, he is still on the list of red-marked.

And recently, Jidion revealed that he could never return to the platform again. And it seems like the gates of Twitch will be closed for him for a long time. 

After the unban of another streamer who allegedly posted pornographic content on the platform, Jidion has alleged the platform of being “racist.”

The Amsterdam (Mis) Adventure:

On July 17th, Jidion sneaked into the TwitchCon Amsterdam Convention uninvited, and there he met DreamSMP and Minecraft streamer, Tommyinnit. He even met Pokimane. 

However, he was eventually identified by security, his event badge was confiscated, and he was ejected. And after that, suspended Jidion live streamed in front of the venue and claimed that he’d been to a major TwitchCon event for four hours before he got ejected. Tommyinnit has claimed that his fans at TwitchCon were harassed by Jidion.

Jidion has also gloated about capturing plenty of good content with a smile for camera at that convention and shared his plan to upload them in upcoming weeks.

One employee working at the event rushed to them and snagged away Jidion’s friend’s event badge too, citing their alleged violation of the rule. 

He resisted at first but eventually obliged. Jidion accepted his fate and left the TwitchCon premises. Jidion told his friend:

It’s all good, Vitto. Twitch is salty. No problem, bro. Be careful.They took our badges. It’s all good though. That’s why Facebook is better!”

After this, he took to Instagram live streaming. He said

We’ve been here for four hours. They just kicked us out. They literally just kicked us out right when we were leaving. Hey, man. Look, Brodie took my badge and everything. It’s all good though. We got in, we got a banger video. When it’s going to drop, like three weeks? “

After asking his viewers to spam ‘L’ in the celebrities Instagram live chat, he said

“Yo, guys. We did it, man. Bro got kicked out already? Nah, man. You got it twisted. They were late to the party!”

An official from the conversation made an appearance and asked the YouTuber to put away his camera.

“I got to speak with him (JiDion’s cameraman) for a second because Twitch wants your badge as well. Because they’ve revoked your access as well because of a violation. It’s still your Twitch badge, and they want it back in again.”

However, vowing to intrude into San Diego’s TwitchCon in October this year, the suspended start mocking TwitchCon security has changed them to bolster their security. “Twitch! Bring your boy back!” he yelled into the camera while passing by. I’m not done! I’ll see you all in San Diego! Twitch, you need to step up your security. I caught you lackin’.”

Jidion accepted his mistake and claimed that he had learned from it to hate the raid on Pokimane. Pokimane had also accepted his apology, and they both collaborated in February 2022

However, all has refused to allow him to get back to the platform again supported by some celebrity music artist that stream on Twitch with some officials despite his constant apologies and admissions. On July 14th, the site (Twitch) said that the ban on Jibion is indefinite.

The San Diego Parody


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Although Jidion was unable to attend TwitchCon San Diego, streamer Samham dressed up in Jidion’s classic ‘professional rawdogger’ T-shirt, Crocs, and black durag, looking like a banned Jidion on his way to the convention in a video posted on October 12th.

Samham has explained that Jidion has been ill treated by Twitch, and he (Samham) is a Twitch partner himself, so he has no difficulty getting into the TwitchCon conversation dressed up as Jidion.

Jidion fans started following the impersonator (Samham) and asked him for photos as soon as he entered the venue.

Soon the security got alerted and asked Samham to show his badge (the other side) to check whether it’s legitimate or not.

Initially he refused to show his badge, but eventually he showed them his badge and security took pictures of his badge for further verification. Then he again started roaming around the venue while security was also trailing him in the distance. 

As word spread like wildfire that Jidion was at the convention, he drew more and more attention.

Samham has also appeared on Nick Eh 30’s as a guest and made him freak out and fanboy while pretending to be Jidion, which was absolutely comical.

Samham, with his impersonation skills, made hundreds of fans totally convinced that he was the real Jidion. 

Although few suspected him, even one of his friends and fellow Twitch streamer, iziprime, was also fooled by his acting skills.

When iziprime facetimed in disbelief at the end of the video, Samham had a brief interaction with Jidion himself via Facetime.

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