Could Rick Ross Be A Hoarder? He Doesn’t Think So!

Could Rick Ross Be A Hoarder? He Doesn't Think So!
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Could Rick Ross be a hoarder? Is the Biggest Boss hustlin’ hard to hoard!

Rick Ross is currently entangled in a great debate with his boys, who insist he has way too much stuff at his 235-acre Promise Land estate, and they might be right.

Rozay showcased mounds of clothes, shoes and other Boss trinkets are strolled around the rapper’s mansion displayed in a video posted by Mag 9 to YouTube on Monday November 07, 2022.

Ross walks through the estate showing off the numerous amounts of shoes and clothes that he has put aside from one day and explains how he has acquired so much. He goes to his library and asks if he is hoarding books also and says, “defend yourself”.

He closes the video by saying two things can be true at once and offers A&E a one-time offer for the largest crib in the United States of America!

Ross’ humble home in Fayetteville, GA is one of the largest estates in the U.S., and its home to the largest swimming pool in the country. Rick says he can’t be a hoarder with so much wide-open space around him.

Earlier this year, he hosted a car show which featured hundreds of custom whips sprawled out across the Promise Land property, and TMZ was there for the show.

What do you guys think? Is Rick Ross a hoarder? Let us know in the comments!

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