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Key Glock Accused of Physical Assault By Girlfriend Through Social Media Posts

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Key Glock’s girlfriend accuses him of physical assault through several cryptic Social Media posts 

Karin Jinsui, a social media influencer, made the allegations on her Instagram Stories on Tuesday (August 8), in which she claimed Glock “put his hands” on her the previous day.

“All that boy has to offer is money & [dick] literally. I can find that [shit] a million other places. I’m a grown righteous woman & I require more than that… that he can’t offer,” she began.

“He’s the real one that ain’t [shit] & he knows it. He tries to ACT like he so ‘Playa’ to the public but really he’s a hurt [ass] little boy….that desperately needs help.

She continued: “He put his hands on me Monday because he don’t know how to have grown up conversations & I STILL ain’t call the cops or inform the hotel. I just left. Why he decided to post about the cops & they wasn’t even called is funny as hell.”

Key Glock’s Girlfriend Accuses Him of Physical Assault

Prior to Jinsui’s allegations, Key Glock had alluded to relationship drama by posting a cryptic tweet on Monday that read: “Sending this fake godly ass bitch back to da streets [deuces emoji].”

Later that day, he wrote: “ion respect nobody who play police games [thumbs down emoji].”

He also appeared to throw more shade at Jinsui by posting (and then deleting) a tweet saying: “She might look good on IG but I SWEAR dat bitch AINT NONE!!”

Although she didn’t elaborate further on the alleged domestic violence, Karin Jinsui did go into detail about her seemingly dysfunctional relationship with the Memphis rapper, who she described as a toxic individual and lousy boyfriend.

“This boy was literally BEGGING me to be in my presence for 4 years. I finally allowed it & it was pointless. Never entertain a FAN ladies!” she continued.

“I did my best with tryna understand him but he ain’t a ready to be a man & he’s not a good person. It works for his rapper image. Not his personal affairs. He’ll learn one day…but not with me! Lol.

“It’s the audacity that he would even call anybody ‘not [shit].’ He has no manners. Don’t know how to talk to people. Whether it’s his friends or strangers. He wakes up with a attitude. Can’t comprehend normal [shit]. Not a gentleman AT ALL. Like who even wanna be around you fr?”

She added: “Yea you can pay a couple bills & tag me along on business trips but that ain’t a relationship. He tried to cut corners cause he think the money gon make up for important [shit]. [Shit] childish & extremely bare minimum.

“Then it’s the ‘fake Godly’ lol God be ruffling this boy feathers. He’s jealous that I put God before him & on a pedestal & it shows.

“Also, I never cheated on him. That ain’t [shit] I do. I just stand up to his [ass]. That’s something he ain’t used to & can’t handle.

“Y’all can have his [ass]. He has all that money and his insides is filth! Hope God can help him find his real self. I’m embarrassed I even gave this [n-gga] a chance. But hey…Life goes on right?”

Karin Jinsui previously hinted at problems in her and Key Glock’s relationship in February, alluding to Young Dolph’s cousin suffering from mental health issues that he was refusing to confront.

“I can’t save nobody that don’t wanna be saved,” she wrote on social media, according to AceShowbiz. “I can’t drag nobody to the finish like where peace resides. They have to want it for themselves & do ALL the work that’s necessary to get to their higher self.

“[N-ggas] be having all this money & cars & jewelry but don’t wanna invest in going to therapy to let they hurt go. They rather live with hurt & issues they been carrying for decades. They rather live life not knowing how to love or acknowledge it. They rather wake up everyday being mad at the world.”

She continued: “They see somebody tryna help them grow & tryna teach them as attacking them. I don’t have kids. I can’t raise a boy into a man. If they wanna continue to live like a boy I let them. But not with me around enabling it. & this is not me talking [shit] or putting somebody down… this is some REAL [SHIT]!!!”


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